True Data Security Facts Revealed by a Recent Study on Small-Sized Businesses

The National Small Business Week is around the corner in the US and a majority of small businesses relentlessly claims that they are well protected against the information security risks. According to the recent research by Shred-it, small businesses are oblivious to the impact of data breaches, and hence are not taking adequate steps to safeguard their sensitive information. A fair number of such businesses (69%) believe that they are enough resilient to the adverse effects of a data breach.

When data security is a concern, the SMBs need to be vigilant. In order to maintain business credibility and avert the harmful impact of data loss, it is incumbent on these businesses to practice data security measures and spread awareness about them across all departments of the organization. They need to build and implement security protocols to do effective data safeguarding.

The study revealed that about 40% of small businesses are running without any security protocols to back data. This is a 5% increase as compared to the last year’s figures. More than one-third of these businesses do not plan for training their staff on the security policies and procedures, and about half of them do not employ anyone who is given the job of managing data security.

There should be adequate measures taken towards filling possible security gaps in an organization. Another key aspect of data security is implementing risk analysis process as a company-wide practice. Small businesses should be committed to avoid fraud and data breaches and provide training to their employees on best security practices periodically. Doing so will help them deal with all the potential security challenges in an astute way.

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