Why the Portable Wireless Plus HDD by Seagate will Surely Knock Your Socks Off

Seagate’s pocketable Wireless Plus HDD was the cynosure of all eyes at CES 2013. This external HDD is good to be carried along for a long road trip and stream your favourite content to multiple iOS devices at the same time. Once you get your media onto the drive, you can easily browse photos, documents, and more without having them synced to your mobile device. With 1 TB storage capacity, you will have enough room for all the content that cannot be fit onto your iPhone or iPad at once.

This portable storage device comes with Wi-Fi support and USB 3.0 connectivity. The internal battery of Seagate’s Wireless Plus supports 10 hours of long, uninterrupted access. The device can easily connect with as many as eight mobile devices simultaneously. With eight users connected to Wireless Plus, three of them can easily stream their favourite HD movies and the remaining five can listen to their choice of music or browse pictures.

The Wireless Plus features a built-in app that would let you transfer content from the internal memory of your iOS device to the drive. This app can work with your iPAD, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and Android devices. It is this app that is running behind the scenes and streaming content from this drive. There’s another app that allows you to view the media stored on this wireless drive on even Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray players.

The Wireless Plus will do a good enough job of streaming the content from the drive given that your iOS device is able to connect to the Internet. This is because your mobile device first needs to connect to the Wireless Plus’ network in order to stream content. The drive will slow down initially when it buffers, after that you can enjoy a smooth operation.

In a nutshell, Seagate’s Wireless Plus packs one terabyte of storage into a portable unit that can be accessed by eight users simultaneously. The device has bagged the Best Innovation for Computer Accessories award at CES 2013.

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