Seagate Wireless Plus to Improve Wireless Storage and Content Streaming Experience

Seagate has come up with yet another innovation in the field of wireless storage. Seagate Wireless Plus, a successor to its GoFlex satellite drive, has brought to the table serious improvements in all respects, including battery life, storage, and range. The impeccable design of this portable hard disk is one of its major attractions. The drive may seem heavier and wider, but that is expected given the out-of-the-box features of Wireless Plus.

This portable drive carries two indicator lights on the outside: one for indicating that the drive is ready to accept Wi-Fi connections and the other for charging. A charger is included in the package that allows you to charge the drive using a proprietary charging connector. It is also possible to charge via USB, but that is time-consuming.

It is fairly easy to set up this drive for streaming content wirelessly. You need to download the Seagate media app from Google Play or App Store and install it on your mobile device. Once you are finished installing this app, connect your device to the ‘Seagate Wireless’ Wi-Fi network. After doing this, you are ready to launch the app and get started.

Seagate Wireless Plus can be set up to connect to another nearby Wi-Fi network. This way you can have Internet access even if you are connected to the ‘Seagate Wireless’ Wi-Fi network. However, you cannot enjoy your mobile Internet while on the move and connected to this drive.

Wireless Plus is easy to connect to a PC or Mac and load up all the media that is stored on your computer. You won’t see an extraordinary data transfer rate; speeds are average and can be compared to ordinary portable drives. You will find NTFS file system on this drive. However, Seagate offers a copy of Paragon NTFS that allows Mac users to record data to this drive.

While you are connected to Wireless Plus using Seagate Wireless network, you can seamlessly stream content stored on the drive. The app makes your streaming experience a breeze by providing you an intuitive interface containing tabs named Videos, Photos, Music and Documents. You can also move data from your mobile device to the drive quickly using the app.

According to specifications, the drive is rated to provide 10 hours of usage and can address three users simultaneously. You can put the drive in sleep mode to save battery when the need be, i.e. when you are working solely with your mobile device.

Seeing these improvements, it is no surprise that Seagate Wireless Plus will be a cynosure of all those who need to stay connected with their content on the move. The drive provides 1 TB storage and is priced at Rs. 16,000.

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