Why does Apple Notes Keep Crashing?

User Query: “It’s been a few weeks now. This started after the macOS Monterey update, with the hot corner feature. I’ve already turned off that feature. The Note app doesn’t open and a dialog box pops up saying, the Notes app isn’t responding. What to do?”
User Query: One day after upgrading to Monterey, Notes stopped working. I cannot open the app as it immediately closes down. I have restarted Mac but the issue does not go away. My Mac is completely up-to-date. Also, I can access my Notes on iPhone and iPad without issues. Does anyone know how to solve this?”

Several users, like above, have reported about Apple Notes keeps crashing issue on their Mac. Based on the users’ instances, the issue seems to be occurred after updating the macOS. However, there might be other reasons that may lead to such an issue, such as syncing problem, corrupt or damaged application files, etc.

If you’re one such user and facing the Apple Notes keeps crashing issue, you can follow the below-listed workarounds to fix the issue.

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Ways to Fix Apple Notes Keeps Crashing Issue

Follow the below-listed methods to fix the Apple Notes keeps crashing issue:


  1. Update macOS

Apple releases regular macOS updates to fix bugs and other issues. Therefore, it’s always advised to update your macOS to the latest version to fix any bugs that might be causing the app to crash. To install the updates, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Apple Menu and then open System Preferences.
  • Locate the Software Update icon and click to open it.
  • Click on Install to install any pending updates.

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  1. Turn Off iCloud Sync

Sometimes, an error in iCloud sync may cause the Apple Notes app to crash on your Mac. In that case, try disabling iCloud sync for the Notes app and then launch it. To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Apple Menu and open System Preferences.
  • In the System Preferences window, click on the Apple ID button and unmark the checkbox next to Apple Notes app to disable iCloud sync.
  1. Delete Apple Notes Library Files

If the Apple Notes library files get corrupted, it may also cause the Notes app crashing issue. To resolve the issue, you can delete the files by following these steps:

  • Click anywhere on your Mac desktop to select Finder and then click on the Go menu.
  • Select the ‘Go to Folder’ option or simultaneously press the CMD + Shift + G keys.
  • Enter the following command and then press the Enter key to open the Apple Notes library files.


  • Select all the displayed files and drag them to Trash.

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  1. Turn On iCloud Sync

You may enable the iCloud sync to sync all your notes. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the Apple menu and then open System Preferences.
  • There, click on the Apple ID button on the top-right corner.
  • Mark the checkbox next to Apple Notes app to start iCloud sync.
  1. Force Quit Apple Notes App

You can force quit the Apple Notes app. It ensures that your Mac opens a fresh instance of the app when you launch it. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the Apple Menu on the top-left corner of the screen and click on the Force Quit option.
  • Select Apple Notes from the list of open apps and click on the Force Quit button to quit the app.

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More Solutions to Prevent Apple Notes From Crashing

Experiencing issues with your Apple Notes app can be frustrating, especially when why is my notes app not working on Mac becomes a recurring question in your mind. Whether you’re facing a situation where why won’t my notes app open on Mac or dealing with the annoyance of apple notes keeps crashing, there are several steps you can take to resolve these issues.

We’ve gathered a range of solutions from user comments across forums to help you if your Apple Notes crashes. These methods come from real experiences and could be just what you need to get your app working smoothly again. Here’s a step-by-step guide on various techniques, tailored for different Apple products and iOS versions.

– For MacBook Users Experiencing Crashes After Updating to Sonoma

iCloud Sync Toggling

If you’re puzzled about why won’t my notes app open on Mac, a simple iCloud sync toggle might do the trick:

  • Go to your iCloud settings on your Mac.
  • Switch OFF the synchronization for Notes.
  • Open the Notes app, then close it.
  • Return to iCloud settings and switch ON the synchronization for Notes.

This process can force a re-sync of notes files/cache with iCloud, providing a solution to the apple notes not working.

– For Users With Large Notes

Managing Large Notes

For users who find their notes app not working on Mac due to large notes:

  • Identify and move large notes to another application like Pages, then delete them from Notes.
  • This method addresses the why does my notes app keep crashing on Mac, particularly for MacBook Pro M1 users with significant note sizes.

This solution is especially relevant for MacBook Pro M1 users but can be applied across other devices if you suspect large notes are the problem.

– For iPad OS and iOS Users

  • Share a Pages or Word document to one of your existing notes, which has helped some users stop the app from crashing.
  • Alternatively, using the scan feature to add a document into Notes has also proven effective for resolving crash issues.
  • Creating a new note directly from the app icon can also serve as a workaround, catering to users troubled by why won’t my notes open on my Mac after an iOS update.

General Troubleshooting Steps

  • Initiating a Safe Mode launch or using the SHIFT key while opening the app can identify if external factors are at play, providing clues to why is my notes app not working on Mac.
  • Force restarting your device is a straightforward yet effective step towards solving why does my notes app keep crashing on Mac.
  • Temporarily disabling cellular data for the Notes app might resolve the problem
  • Toggling Notes in iCloud off and on again can help rectify apple notes keeps crashing, ensuring your notes sync properly without hitches.
  • For a more drastic approach, transferring your notes to a computer and cleaning up memory on your device can help. This is especially useful if you have a large number of notes and suspect memory issues are causing the app to crash.

Summing It Up

The frequent crashing of the Apple Notes app can surely be frustrating. The issue may occur due to any glitch after macOS update, syncing issue with iCloud, etc. You can follow any of the above-listed solutions to fix the issue.


1. How can I prevent Notes from crashing when I add new entries?

To prevent apple notes from crashing, avoid adding extremely large attachments and ensure your device has sufficient storage.

2. Can large notes cause the Notes app to crash on Mac?

Yes, large notes can lead to why my notes app keeps crashing on mac. Consider splitting large notes or moving them to another app.

3. What should I do if updating my device didn’t fix Notes crashing?

If updating doesn’t resolve why my notes app is not working on mac, try removing large notes or disabling and re-enabling iCloud sync for Notes.

4. Why does my Notes app crash when syncing with iCloud?

Syncing issues can cause Apple notes to keep crashing. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and try re-syncing your notes.

5. How can I safely backup my notes to avoid losing data during crashes?

Regularly export your notes or ensure iCloud backup is active to prevent data loss if why won’t my notes app open on mac persists.

6. I’ve tried everything, and Notes still crashes. What now?

It may be time to contact Apple Support for personalized troubleshooting and potential deeper solutions.

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