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Give a New Life to Your Old Hard Drive

Nowadays the demands of users to store digital data are continuously increasing and the ways of storage are also changed. It seems that the free cloud storage and streaming services are going to take a new revolution to the digital … Continue reading

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Training on Data Recovery: A Necessity to Safeguard Vital Digital Asset

There are many instances, where people recover data lost due to logical problems. There are enough material available in the internet and also lot many software, with easy GUI interfaces, with which the user can do a self-training. However, there … Continue reading

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Smart Data Recovery Options from RAID Hard Drives

There are many different software to recover data. The choice of a particular software depends upon many factors including the type of drive. A drive could be a single drive or an array of drive. If a drive is a … Continue reading

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‘Formatted Disk is Recoverable’, Let’s Discuss Some Issues with Recovery Solutions

Disk formatting is a process to prepare a storage medium, such as a hard drive for reading and writing that includes creating an empty system. Whenever you format a storage device, the operating system erases all the written data from … Continue reading

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Hard Drive Data Recovery in a Professional Clean Room

There are different kinds of failure that can lead to data loss in hard drives. A logical damage is the most common form of damage that leads to data loss. It could be due to various reasons including power failure, … Continue reading

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Research on NAS Devices and Exposure of their Vulnerabilities

The home routers are considered to have less security and vulnerable code but recently it has been found that the NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. In fact are more vulnerable. The NAS devices from ten such manufacturers has been identified … Continue reading

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The Hidden Cost Of Downtime in Cloud services

Cloud services are changing the way business is done. One of the main reasons why many IT professionals prefer cloud based services is to reduce the cost of the downtime. However, there is a cost associated with the downtime as … Continue reading

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A new approach to storage vision from Seagate

Over the past few decades the continuous growth of the large-scale applications has changed the way the data is stored. With the emergence of software and object based approaches, the native hardware and file based systems has been side-lined. The … Continue reading

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WD launches two-bay networked attached storage system through My Cloud Ex2

With the growing technology ‘cloud’ has become one of the most widely used buzzwords. In recent few years, many organizations have looked to fetch the benefits from various ‘cloud’ products. This trend is accelerating with time, as more and more … Continue reading

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Steps to Put into Practice if Your Email Account is Hacked

Internet is a great and epic service that makes almost everything available to us in a quick and the ‘so-called’ secure manner. I am adding ‘so-called’ before calling the Internet services secure because the security of our content on the … Continue reading

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