Get Activation Key For Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.9?

Summary: You are better off using an alternative software in place of the free Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9, because it comes with so many trade-offs (highlighted further down in the article).

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The good news: There are loads of better options out there in the industry, the most prominent of which is Stellar Data Recovery Software. If that was all you wanted to know, amazing. If you want a little more information, continue reading.

S.noPoint of DistinctionStellar Data RecoveryFree Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9
1Cost Per Month4,499 INRApproximately 5,780 INR
2Cost Per Year (Discounted)5,999 INR.Approximately 8,250 INR
3Operating SystemWindows, MacWindows, Mac
4Number Of DevicesUnlimitedNo Information Available.
5Preview Data YesYes
6Service componentYes. If software can’t recover it, our service will. No

Activation Key For Easeus

All of the above is in addition to the fact that the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an extremely resource-intensive application, managing to gobble up 20% of a pretty powerful CPU and well over a Gigabyte of memory, with the occasional spike to 30% – 35% of CPU usage.

Translation: This indicates that the performance of the free Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 12.9 will suffer on lower-end or last-generation devices, and without an activation key, it is almost impossible to use.

Note: The specifications of the device that we tested the free Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 12.9 on are given as under:

S.noParticularsDetails Of Particulars
1CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5900X (overclocked).
2Memory (Installed/ Available) GB16.00/ 15.44
3Windows VersionMicrosoft Windows 11 Home Single Language
4OS Build Number22621.1037

Fortunately, the alternative software that we proposed is significantly lighter on the hardware resources that it consumes, meaning that is that much more compatible with older and lower-tier devices.

Activation Key For Easeus

What is The Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.9?

It is software that allows users to recover data that they have lost on windows and macOS devices. EaseUS is the name of the parent company that makes the software and has been around since 2004, and the “12.9” simply indicates the version number.

The software itself is called the “Data Recovery Wizard”With over 72 million downloads since its introduction.

It is reasonable to say that the free Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 is one of the most popular data recovery software in the world.

The (free) Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 is available for both Windows and macOS operating devices. The recent version 12.9 update has also introduced support for the in-house apple silicon M1 and M2 chipsets.

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You ca use your free Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 to recover deleted, corrupted, or otherwise inaccessible data from your Windows laptops or PCs, your Macs, iMacs, and MacBooks, and even from removable storage media devices such as hard drives, USB flash drives and a whole lot more.

The free Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 12.9 is also pretty hard to use without the corresponding Easeus data recovery activation key 2022.

As you can see in the picture above, even when trying to recover a file that is just 28 KB (well under the 2 GB maximum limit on the free version), it still prompts us to buy the pro activation key for the program.

What Are The Downsides Of The Free Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9?

The main downside of the free Easeus data recovery wizard is that it cannot really do much for you; only allowing up to 2 gigabytes of files to be recovered in totality.

The free Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 also has a “Pro” version, for which you need to buy an Easeus data recovery activation key 2022.

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The main differences between the Pro Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 and the free Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 are outlined as under:

Point of DistinctionFree Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 Pro Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9
1Amount Of Recovered DataMaximum 2 GB.Unlimited Recovery.
2Types Of Recovered Storage MediaLimited.Over 2,000 Different Types Of Storage Media Are Supported For Repair.
3Types Of Recovered FilesLimited.

1,000+ File Formats Are Supported.
4NAS Data RecoveryNo.


5Photo, Video, Document RepairNo.

Yes, Advanced Repair Capabilities Are Available.
6Crashed Computer RepairNo.

Yes, Through A Bootable USB Stick.

Conclusion: the free Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 is a perfectly viable option if you are willing to take the many, many trade-offs and sacrifices that come with using it, including misrepresented information.

Know more about, Stellar Data Recovery Solutions.

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Should You Use A Crack?

Using a cracked version of the free Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 12.9 may seem tempting, but you will be faced with two conundrums should you want to do this;

One, finding a good crack in the first place, and

Two, actually getting any crack you do find to work and be device-compatible.


As you can see, attempting to download a cracked version of the free Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 will simply lead you down a rabbit hole from which the only benefit goes to the people who get ad revenue from these shady websites.

We assume that we do not need to outline the privacy breach and security risks that come with even trying to use pirated software, not to mention the legality of it.

Thus the long and the short answers are: no, do not attempt to use cracked software. You’ll just end up creating more trouble for yourself down the road.

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Are There Better Alternatives?

Like was said at the outset, yes, there is a much better alternative solution to the free Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9, and it comes to you in the form of free Stellar Data Recovery software.

Here’s a quick, impartial verdict.

S.noPoint of DistinctionStellar Data RecoveryFree Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 Which is better?
1Cost Per Month4,499 INR

Approximately 5,780 INRStellar costs less.
2Cost Per Year (Discounted)5,999 INRApproximately 8,250 INRStellar costs less.
3Operating SystemWindows, MacWindows, MacBoth are equally good.
4Number Of DevicesUnlimitedNo Information Available.You’re better off with Stellar.
5Preview Data Yes

Both are equally good.
6Service componentYes. If software can’t recover it, our service will. NoYou’re better off with Stellar

Want more reasons? Here are 10.

1. Stellar has upwards of 25+ years of experience in the data recovery and data erasure industries.

2. And the products are used in over 190 countries around the globe.

3. With decades of experience, Stellar has even partnered with governments (For example, the government of India, various branches) to recover data from their devices for them.

4. Stellar Data Recovery software will allow you to recover deleted as well as corrupted files from your device, no matter what they may be.

5. In addition to just helping you recover data from deleted and corrupted files from your device, Stellar’s Windows Data Recovery can actually do a whole lot more.

6. Windows Data Recovery Tool allows users to also recover data from formatted (wiped) hard drives, as the company that makes the tool, Stellar, is also an industry leader in data erasure and deletion, giving it the required expertise to deal with data recovery.

7. In the event of virus or malware attacks, the tool has you back once again, being able to retrieve most of your data and files in such a situation.

8. Partition errors can also crop up from time to time, including inaccessible RAW drives, but not to worry — the Windows Data Recovery tool can handle that too.

9. Even if your hard drive (or other storage media) has suffered physical damage such as trauma, heat, cold, or otherwise, the tool still has a very good shot at getting your data out of the drive in such a situation.

10. Failing that, the team over at Stellar also has a dedicated technician department that will handle data recovery from severely damaged drives, although this “in-lab” data recovery is an extra service.

It will also cover a vast variety of situations in which data recovery may be needed

Such as:

– logical drive errors
– partition errors
– virus infections
– OS malfunctions
– formatted drives
– and RAW drive data recovery to name a few.

Stellar Data Recovery software is available for Windows as well as macOS devices.

Stellar Data Recovery software easeus

Also, Unlike most of the competitors on the market, Stellar Data Recovery can decrypt encrypted drives, provided you have the encryption key(s).

Hint: if you are wondering where you can find your Bitlocker encryption keys, they can be found by signing in to your Microsoft account, and then navigating to this link.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How much does the paid version of WDR cost?

Windows data recovery also has a paid version, just like easeus, and aside from the functionality differences (Stellar WDR does a lot more than easeus), the price difference makes it such that Stellar’s offering is also significantly cheaper than Easeus.

2. Will WDR work on a macOS device?

No, but there is a software alternative for macOS data recovery, that is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac. It offers many of the same functions as stellar’s Windows Data Recovery tool, that you have read about above.


3. Is Easeus Free?

On paper, yes.

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 12.9 is a free software, but it is practically unusable without the purchase of the additional Easeus Data Recovery Wizard 12.9 activation key.

4. Can I see what I can recover before paying with Stellar?

Yes! The Windows Data Recovery Tool offered by Stellar allows users to preview (after a quick/ deep scan) exactly what data will be recoverable for them, without spending a single rupee.

Bear in mind that not all file formats will be preview able but most major file types should not be a problem.

5. What can Stellar Windows Data Recovery Do?

The Windows Data Recovery tool from Stellar can help users recover their data and files from corrupted media storage.

It allows users to:

  • Restore deleted files
  • Helps retrieve information in the case of virus attacks and OS crashes
  • and can even restore data if the storage media has faced physical damage such as heat or cold.
The Bottom Line

Even though the Easeus data recovery wizard 12.9 looks quite good on paper.
The promises it makes do not follow through in practical application, with the biggest barrier being that it cannot be used without the separately purchased Easeus data recovery activation key 2022.

Out of the many alternatives, the most viable and trusted one is Stellar Data Recovery Software.

With its competitive pricing, tiered plans, unlimited application, low resource usage, high compatibility, and user-friendly interface.

We hope that this article has proven helpful to you, and we’ll see you in the next one.

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