Safety Guidelines And Tips To Ship Device For Data Recovery

Data, being one of the most vital assets of a company, needs to be handled very carefully. Thus, when you are transporting the hard drives containing data, it is important that you follow the standard rules and guidelines to ensure that no one accesses your hard drives or data in an unauthorized manner and the sensitive information stored in the hard drives stay safe.

Apart from securing the data, it’s also important to keep the hard drives safe during transit. The hard disk drives or other storage media devices are highly sensitive to the impact damage or electrostatic discharge. To minimize the effect of the outer environment on the hard drives, need to follow proper disk packing instructions.

Why Do You Need To Send Your Hard Drive For Data Recovery?

Most people are very sensitive about shipping their hard drives because of the sensitive nature of the data that’s stored inside It. But sometimes, when we accidentally lose our data, the only way to get it back is through the data recovery services.

Data recovery is a process of regaining the data which became inaccessible. While data recovery has become quite common these days, only a handful of companies possesses the right tools to perform the recovery operations. Also, not every data recovery professional is reliable.

So, you may need to ship your hard drive to reliable and advanced data recovery firms which can recover the data from the hard drives without damaging it.

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Guidelines for packing the Hard Drives

Here are Guidelines And Tips To Ship Device For Data Recovery which you must follow for hard disk packaging while sending them for data recovery.

Pack Them In The Anti-Static Bag

As the hard disk drives use the magnetic properties to write and store the data, it’s important to keep them protected from the electrostatic discharge as it may damage the hard drive while affecting the data in it. An antistatic bag which is easily available in the market ensures that there is no electrostatic discharge during the hard drive’s transit.

Tips to Ship Device for Data Recovery

Put The Packed Hard Drives In Air Inflated Bags

A cushioned foam or an air inflated packing bag will keep your hard disk safe and will ensure that there is no physical damage or impact damage to your hard disk drive during the transit.

Use A Packaging Box

Put the wrapped hard drives in a packaging box before shipping them. The box will completely protect your hard drive and will ensure that it safely reaches the destination for data recovery. While putting the hard drive in the box, ensure that it does not move into it. You can fill up the empty area with foam or extra cushion to stop the movement of the hard drive in the box during transit to eliminate the chances of the impact damage.

How To Ensure Safety Of Sensitive Data While Shipping the Hard Drive?

If your drive possesses sensitive data, then it’s important to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. If you have to ship such a hard drive, then, you can contact the customer care team of the company that will recover the data. They will guide you with how you need to pack the hard drive and what precautions you must take to safely ship the hard drive.

The Way Forward!

Therefore, before packing & shipping of hard drive, ensure that you take into account all the potential causes of damage and ensure proper protection of hard drive against all these causes. Maintaining the security of data and the hard drive is significant from an organization’s perspective and thus, right steps must be taken to ensure it.

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