Importance of Proper Packaging & shipping for your Media device for Data Recovery

Your hard disk drives or any other data storage media device are sensitive to electrostatic discharge and impact damage. It is very important that you should pack your hard drive properly with appropriate material and choose a reliable logistic company to keep your hard drive safe during logistics transit. Proper packaging of your hard drive will ensure that maximum recovery of data is possible at Stellar Data Recovery.

The following guide will help you to pack your hard drive for data recovery.

Remove all accessories and spare parts, before sending your hard drive for data recovery. Kindly do not send following internal accessories with Internal/External hard Drives to Stellar Data Recovery Lab.

  • ADAPTERS (note exception for External media devices)

Hard Drive Removing Instruction from your Desktop/Laptop

  • You need to remove your hard drive from your Desktop/Laptop before your send it to us for recovery of your Data.
  • In order to remove your hard drive from your laptop/desktop, you need to have a screwdriver tool kit.

You may refer to following video tutorials to see, how to remove your hard drive from Laptop/Desktop

Remove Hard Drive from Desktop
How to Remove and Pack Hard Drive from Desktop
Remove Hard Drive from Laptop
How to Remove and Pack Hard Drive from Laptop

How to pack your removed hard drive for Safe transit - Packaging Instructions

You need to pack your hard drive properly before you hand over it to Courier Company for shipment. In order to do a proper packaging of hard drive you need following items:

  1. Packing BoxAnti-Static bag – Which ensure that there is no electrostatic discharge, during transit of your hard drive
  2. Air inflated bag – Air inflated packing bag or cushion foam, to make sure that there is no physical damage to your hard drive during transit
  3. Packaging box – To put your wrapped hard drive inside the packaging box used in shipment

This box will make sure that there is no further damage to your hard drive, & maximum data recovery is possible at our Data Recovery center


  1. Remove Hard Disk from Laptop/Desktop with care
  2. Each External/internal Storage device must be placed in an anti-static bag; similar to the silver bag the unit originally came packaged in, then placed between the plastic end caps, and placed in the shipping container
  3. Place Hard Disk into air inflated bag or cushion foam
  4. Place hard drive inside the packaging box
  5. Make sure that hard drive is not moving in the box, it is tightly fixed in the area provided. If it is moving, put some extra cushion, to make sure that it should not move during transit
  6. Put condiment tape around the box & seal it properly
  7. Place the destination address (Nearest Stellar Data Recovery center) on the box, make sure that it is readable properly.
  8. Sent the box at our Data Recovery service center
  9. Inform us by providing courier details & tracking number

We are also providing safe transit box for hard drive shipment, which you can buy from our website at minimal cost.

Note: You can choose packing box option during Analysis payment.

Stellar have 16 locations across the India. Please select the nearest lab, where you want to send your hard drive for recovery.


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