How to Permanently Delete Files from Hard Drive?

Summary: When you delete files from a hard drive with a basic delete function, they are not actually deleted and can be recovered by using data recovery software. In this blog, we’ve discussed ‘how to permanently delete files from hard drive’. We’ve mentioned a professional file erasure software that wipes data from a hard drive, beyond the scope of recovery.

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The common way to delete a file or other data from a hard drive is by pressing the Shift+Delete keys on a Windows computer. So, do you think that after ‘deletion’ the files are permanently deleted from the hard drive? This is actually a myth. The simple deletion function doesn’t permanently erase files from the drive. Even after deletion, the data stays in your hard drive as the operating system only deletes the links to the data. Such data can be easily recovered by using a data recovery tool.

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So, if you’re passing your system to someone else and don’t want people to get hands-on your financial data, confidential documents, or personal photos, it is important that you permanently delete the data from the hard drive before sharing it with someone.

How to Permanently Delete Files from Hard Drive?

The only way to permanently delete files from the hard drive is by using a file erasure tool, such as BitRaser File Eraser. The tool works by overwriting on top of your data once or multiple times, thus ensures that data cannot be retrieved by using any data recovery tool.

BitRaser File Eraser is designed to permanently wipe files, folders, application traces, and Internet histories from your desktop, laptop, or any other storage media. The eraser tool uses advanced methods and globally recognized erasure algorithms to permanently erase files and other data, beyond the scope of recovery. This way, it protects your data against unsolicited use. The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems.

Steps to permanently delete files from the hard drive by using BitRaser File Eraser

BitRaser File Eraser offers an intuitive graphical user interface that helps you permanently erase files from the hard drive in a few simple steps.

Delete Files permanently from Mac Hard Drive

Here are the steps:

  1. Download and install BitRaser File Eraser for Mac.
  2. Launch the software and from the main interface, select the Files & Folders option. Then click Next.
  3. In the next window that opens, you will see all the volumes on your Mac in the left pane and the files/folders of the selected volume in the right pane.
  4. Select the desired files which you want to delete and click the Erase button.

BitRaser File Eraser For Mac

  1. A dialog box will appear. Click Confirm Erasure.

After the successful completion of the erasure process, restart your system.

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Delete Files Permanently from Windows Hard Drive

Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install BitRaser File Eraser on your Windows system.
  2. Run BitRaser File Eraser. On the main screen, you can view the list of items that you can delete by using the software.

BitRaser File Eraser interface

  1. Click on Erase File & Folder in the left pane.
[NOTE]: You can also choose Erase Traces to erase traces created by OS and other applications or Erase Deleted Data to permanently wipe deleted data.

Erase Files and Folders feature

  1. You can delete files and folders on your hard drive in two ways – either search and erase a specific file you want to target or manually add them. To use the Search & Erase option, click on Search & Erase link at the bottom of the screen.

BitRaser File Erasure Search

  1. Now, enter the File Name and the location of the file you want to delete.

BitRaser File Erasure

  1. Alternatively, you can also add the to-be-erased files by clicking on Add items button.

Selecting Files and Folders for Erasure

  1. Once the files are selected, click “Erase Now”.


Confirm Erasure dialog box

  1. A dialog box will appear, asking you to confirm the Erasure process. Click on Proceed.
  2. The software will complete the Erasure process and you will receive a confirmation screen. Click on OK button to finish the process.

Eraser complete

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Why choose BitRaser File Eraser?

BitRaser File Eraser is a 100% secure and safe software that permanently erases files stored on the laptop, desktop, or any storage media. Here are some key features of the software:

  • Permanently wipes the hard drive, SD card, USB drive, & server files.
  • Permanently erase files, folders, saved passwords, web browsing history, etc.
  • Deletes photos, videos, identity documents, etc.
  • Wipe online banking and email passwords saved on web browser
  • Clears cookies and app traces to safeguard sensitive data
  • Allows scheduling of the erasure process of files, folders, and traces at set date & time (daily, weekly, or monthly)


Simply deleting the files from your hard drive does not erase them permanently. Such files can be easily recovered by using a data recovery tool. Only a file erasure software such as BitRaser File Eraser can securely and permanently delete the files from your hard drive, beyond the scope of recovery. This DIY erasure tool offers an easy-to-use interface that helps you perform the erasure process in a few simple steps.

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