External Hard Drives Are More Susceptible to Damage, Ways to Prevent Them From Being Damaged?

External hard drives are the means of carrying a large amount of data from one place/ system to another. Every computer has a hard disk drive to store the data, at times we need to carry data with us, and we cannot do this by carrying our system along. Here external hard drives have the key role to play.

An external hard drive serves as the backup of your valuable data and is handy to use by its plug and play feature through USB Port. These are available mainly in two physical sizes, 2.5” and 3.5” with capacity varying from 160GB to 2TB. The external hard drive being portable device is also more susceptible to virus attacks, Trojan horse, and damages.

External Hard Drive may fail due to:

  • Virus attack
  • Bad Sectors Read/Write
  • Physical Failure
  • Crashed File System
  • Mechanical Failure

Once it fails, you may end up with losing all your backed data, so make some prevention beforehand.

Let’s find out some of the prevention tips:

To prevent your External hard drive from virus attack, always perform regular virus checks. Get yourself a good anti-spyware, and conduct a virus scan before using it. It can prevent you from data loss by possible virus intrusion.

In logical failure, the external hard drive is in partial working condition, where few sectors or partition are in a bad state due to some accidental deletion or corrupt storage system. Always end naturally without any abruption and perform disk check frequently.

Physical Failure may occur on fell off or on accidental crash and damage. If you met with such situation, don’t try to open its cover as it can further damage your hard drive making recovery either difficult or even impossible.

In this situation, get the media to the data recovery services, in case you want to recover your important data saved on it.

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