How to Recover IT Asset: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re managing data in any capacity, then you’ve probably come across terms like IT Asset Recovery, IT Asset Disposition, and IT Asset Management. It is an indispensable step in a data and storage media’s lifecycle.

Even if you haven’t, don’t worry.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what is IT asset recovery and why your organization should optimize its Asset Recovery plan. Read on to find out more.

What is IT Asset Recovery?

The process of maximizing the value of old, unused corporate IT assets by recovering them, and then offering them for profitable exchanges, such as employee purchase offers, resales in the used-hardware market, or responsible recycling is called IT Asset Recovery. This is usually done by way of reusing the IT asset or disinvesting it. IT asset recovery is an aspect of IT Asset Disposition.

So we should now know what is IT Asset Disposition.

This is the last phase in an IT asset’s lifecycle. Here, organisations dispose of hardware storing information by recycling or remarketing. But wait, IT asset disposition is a subset of IT Asset Management, IT Asset Management.

IT Asset Management is simply the fancy name given for the practice of organisations managing their IT assets. This includes both hardware and software assets.

Why is it important?

No one wants their data mined and misused. IT asset recovery is a way to prevent that. In terms of organisations, IT asset recovery is regulatory compliance that companies have to follow.

Recovering IT Assets has more benefits than just here. Here are some of them.

  1. Preserves Data Security

When disposing of end-of-life IT assets, it’s vital to verify that there is no residual data. A sure-shot way to guarantee that is with a Drive Erasure Software like BitRaser.

BitRaser’s Drive Eraser is a NIST-certified eraser that can handle your drive erasing with ease. The software is compatible with HDD and SSD, which are usually found in PCs and servers.

This software gives you auditable proof that all information from a drive or disk is completely sanitized. So you can rest at ease knowing that your confidential data is indeed completely deleted. These audit reports are generated automatically only when your data is deleted.

BitRaser Screen

BitRaser is a certified software that complies with 24 international data erasure standards. This includes NIST 800-88, DoD 3 & 7 passes, and more. So you can fulfill the promise you’ve given to your clients that their data will be safe in your hands.

  1. Helps Cut Costs

Unused hardware needs costs to maintain. So if it’s not needed, the best option is to dispose of the equipment. But only after adequately processing the data in your device.

ITAD helps reduce the maintenance budget which is often not even fruitful because the asset has reached the end of its life.

Idle data is also always at risk of being stolen or tampered with. So properly disposing of ITAR is a good way to reduce unwanted

Ways to Maximise IT Asset Recovery

  1. Maintenance and Record Management

When you’re looking to purchase second-handed equipment, wouldn’t you rather buy the ones that are best maintained? The same goes for when you sell too.

Your potential buyers are likely to pick and choose the best equipment that you have. And it’s also a good idea to maintain records of past equipment servicing. This will allow you to authenticate your claims. That, in turn, will get you a better price for the equipment you’re attempting to sell.

Here is a model maintenance plan that could work for your IT assets.

  1. Know when to sell

Squeezing the most use out of your IT assets may not always be a good plan. If you want a good ROI on the equipment you’re planning to sell, the last minute may not be the best option.

You need your device to still be in good working condition when you sell it. So do periodic health checks on your device to decide when it’s the best time to sell.

  1. Have a comprehensive audit

If your company doesn’t have an IT asset auditing system, implement one immediately. Then, ensure that the audit is maintained properly.

The audit helps IT staff understand the condition of your IT assets. It would also reveal the actual value of the assets that you still hold. This will make it easier for you to set a price for your stock.

  1. Wipe it completely

This is perhaps the most unforgiving step in the ITAR process. You need to properly wipe your device. Else, your company’s reputation is at stake.

The data held in your assets need to be sanitised. Knowing that you take this step will reassure your customers that you are taking care of their personal data.

What do you stand to gain with proper IT Asset Recovery?

Being wasteful is never a good thing. And proper IT asset management negates just that. Asset management has a host of advantages. Here are some of them.

  1. Budget planning

Management of assets helps you realise what your organization needs. It will identify which equipment is just sitting there piling up maintenance costs.

This, in turn, can help you plan your budget for future purchases. It can also help you get rid of those servers that aren’t adding value to your organization.

  1. Data security

One of the biggest advantages of IT Asset Recovery is data security. When you’re keeping a close eye on your IT assets, you will notice vulnerabilities sooner. This will help you fill any security gaps at the earliest.

News of data breach incidents is rampant of late. So it’s wise on your part to have an active system that protects you from data breaches. And that’s one aspect that ITAM covers.

  1. Helps keep track

Businesses will occasionally find themselves facing a licence compliance audit. Your software licence provider will verify if you’re having any unlicensed or cracked software within your organization.

When you’ve been managing your assets properly, you should be able to avoid any negative consequences from this audit.

Beware, because unlicensed software could invite a heavy penalty.

In Conclusion

Even after all this, many organisations are very lax about their ITAM. If you’re the IT head of an organization, take steps to preserve your company’s data and IT assets. It is also the green solution that the world desperately needs.

If you’re partnering with an IT management service, make sure you go with a reliable company. You can also choose BitRaser as a trusted partner for data destruction.

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