Importance of Server Recovery for a Company

Servers are the most important part of any business, which works with an online component. For data storage, servers play a vital part for the company; therefore, server protection always comes with a priority of the company’s IT strategy. Even if a company does not deal with online service, businesses may also have essential data stored on internal servers. When these data storage sources fail, it could be a disaster for the business.

Occasionally, even the best maintenance services and hardware might fail and data become corrupted, which can cause disturbance to server components and functionality. Therefore, if you observe slightest of early signs of server failure, then it is best to respond immediately in order to reduce the impact of a possible failure.

Let’s look at some most common causes for failure

A variety of events can lead a server to failure, which can be a reason of another failure. Most of them are:

  • RAID Controller & rebuilds failure
  • Loss or Corruption of NT Group Information and Account
  • Sudden power loss
  • Natural disasters
  • Hardware breakdown
  • Operating system or File system crash
  • Network partitions issue
  • Accidental deletion of data while taking backup
  • Security Breach and Virus Infection
  • Unexpected behavior of any application
  • Physical disaster
  • Simultaneous failure of multiple drives
  • Accidental reconfiguration of RAID drives


  Recovery Options:

With the continuous increasing demand of servers for data storage, the chances of disaster are also becoming more critical. Continuous increasing business operations need shorter recovery solutions with accuracy and guaranty.    Therefore, the need of reliable system recovery solution become very important as any small mistake during the process may lead the complete data to permanent damage and make it beyond recovery. In order to recover server failure, Server Recovery Services are the most recommended solutions.

Why Stellar?

Stellar Data Recovery service is a fully managed and around-the-clock solution for server data recovery. It is capable to support recovery for both physical and logical damaged servers. The world-class team of recovery experts facilitate you with less recovery time and perform SQL server recovery, exchange Server Recovery, Windows server recovery, recovery from LINUX server, UNIX server and SharePoint server with minimum time and reliable server recovery.

From the initial consultation to recovered data delivery, you will get all the details of your data. With a greater flexible recovery process, you will get the complete data without complexity in server recovery.

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