RAID Data Recovery Services : Recover your Data with Stellar

The most used storage media which portents disaster by media failure in business environment is RAID array or computer server. In this adverse situation time is very crucial. As many companies can loss millions, if raid array or computer server stops working for a minute even.

RAID Array: RAID can be elaborated as Redundant Array of Independent Disk, it is a technology which provide opportunity to increase the storage and reliability with redundancy. This technology is implemented by various disk drive into single logic unit. In which data is distributed in various levels.

At Stellar Data Recovery Services. We understand the importance of your data. We have more that 20 years of rich experience in RAID data recovery, team of data recovery experts, advanced tools, and clean environment of class 100 clean room through which we help you to get back your work in track by recovering your data.

Class 100 Clean Room: In Class 100 Clean Room environmental temperature is maintained. Air born particles are maintained through interchange of highly refined air. A Class 100 Clean room is designed to never allow more than 100 particles (0.5 microns or larger) per cubic foot of air.

With free phone consultation, we provide you expert guidance through which data recovery is possible in best effective manner.. Once we receive the effected media we conduct full diagnostic evaluation for the effected media in clean environment of Class 100 Clean Room. So that our experts can find out where the actual problem is? Stellar Data Recovery Process is defined below:

  1. Media device door step pick up
  2. Media device analysis & consultation
  3. Data Recovery
  4. Data Verification
  5. Recovery Fee Payment
  6. Media device hand over

By following above mentioned six steps whole data is recovered.

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