How Do We Recover Data From Dead Toshiba Hard Disk?

Toshiba Electronics offers its customers a wide range of hard drives for every purpose. Toshiba is well known as a manufacturer of top-quality products and is ranked alongside Seagate and Western Digital as innovators in this domain.

In spite of stringent quality control, Toshiba hard drives do fail. They are usually end-of-life issues that are bound to happen to every hardware item ever produced.

What to do if you suffer from a hard drive failure? We provide all the details about Toshiba hard drive recovery service.

Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery – What Does ‘Dead’ Mean?

To get your recover data from dead Toshiba Hard disk it is important to know What is a dead Toshiba hard disk. Dead means a hard drive that is either non-functional or is able to read/write at a very slow pace (a few KB/sec).

Dead Toshiba hard disk recovery is the process of retrieving the data stored on a Toshiba hard drive that has failed already or is nearing failure.

Toshiba hard drive failure can be of two types:

Logical Cause Of Data Loss In Toshiba Hard Disk

This includes scenarios such as these.

  • Accidental File Deletion – When someone deletes a file or folder without scrutiny and also empties the Recycle Bin.
  • Partition Deletion – When the use of Windows Disk Management goes awry and trying to merge partitions or create a new partition causes data loss.
  • Accidental Formatting – Someone installing an OS e.g. Windows 11, does it on the wrong hard disk.
  • File Table Error – The metadata that tells the hard disk where the file is located (sector or block) is lost due to some issue.

In all of the above, you can recover data from your dead Toshiba hard drive using Stellar Data Recovery Software.

Benefit from the 1 GB free data recovery. This lets you test your Toshiba hard drive recovery before you buy the software license for further use.

Using Stellar Data Recovery Software, you can recover Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, ZIP, RAR and every type of media file, stored emails, and hundreds of more types of file types.

Physical Cause Of Data Loss In Toshiba Hard Disk

You could lose access to data in your Toshiba hard drive because of physical damage. These scenarios include:

  • Motor not working properly
  • Read/Write head not working
  • Malfunction of PCB
  • Scratched platter
  • Dust invasion
  • Physical trauma to the disk

If your Toshiba hard drive is not working or the read/write speed is poor, power it down immediately. Further usage is doing more harm than good.

If the data loss is because of physical damage, you can’t recover it using the software.  In such cases, you need a professional data recovery service. Stellar Data Recovery’s experts are experienced and can recover data from dead Toshiba Hard Disk from any kind of data loss situation.

Stellar Data Recovery offers in-lab data recovery services for Toshiba hard disks.

Data recovery from a physically damaged dead Toshiba hard drive can be complex. It requires knowledge, skill and precision—qualities that our well-trained staff has in plenty. Stellar Data Recovery has been serving customers for 30+ years now. Our state-of-the-art Class 100 Clean Room is Asia’s largest.

How Do We Recover Data From Dead Toshiba Hard Drive?

To recover data from a crashed Toshiba hard drive, any data recovery service needs:

  • Trained experts
  • A fully equipped hard drive recovery lab
  • A large inventory of failed drives to provide spare parts

At Stellar we have over 15,000 donor drives that provide us with an endless supply of spare parts for legacy equipment.

Stellar can Recover data from Dead Toshiba hard disk in a 4-stage process.

1. Free Consultation

We offer you a free half-hour consultation with an expert technician. During the call, the expert would:

  • Ask about the circumstances of Toshiba hard disk failure
  • Guide you to disconnect the drive and power it off
  • Then, inform you about how data recovery happens and its scope
  • Tells you how to dispatch the drive to our lab safely

2. Physical Scrutiny

Every hard drive has a more or less common design. The difference between enterprise and consumer-grade drives is often a matter of firmware.

Each drive has:

  • Motor
  • Platter
  • Read/Write head
  • Actuator arm
  • PCB controller

Your Toshiba hard drive will be taken apart in our Class 100 Clean Room (an area where there must not be more than 100 particles of ≤ 5 microns / cubic foot of air).

The drive would be analyzed.

Some typical failures in Toshiba hard drives include (but are not restricted to):

  • Scratched platter
  • Failed actuator
  • Motor failure
  • PCB failure
  • Read/Write head damage

If needed, we will transplant any damaged parts, so that the drive is functional.

3. Lab Work

  • Data Recovery

Next, we create a clone of your Toshiba hard disk.

Then we copy each sector onto a replacement Toshiba hard disk.

Then, we carry out all recovery exercises on the cloned Toshiba drive.

This ensures the original Toshiba hard disk isn’t exposed to any risk during the recovery process.

  • Data Integrity Check

Following recovery, we verify that all data has been recovered.

  • Extract Samples

Following verification, the files are checked. For example, opening a document or playing back a media file. If all goes well Toshiba hard drive recovery process is complete.

4. Data Verification

We let you verify that the recovered data is accessible.

Cost Of Data Recovery From Dead Toshiba Hard Drive

There are several variables that have to be included. Dead Toshiba hard disk recovery costs depend on these factors.

Cost Determiner Possibilities
Form Factor2.5 inch, 3.5 inch, M2
Capacity256 GB - 1 TB, 1 TB - 2 TB, > 2 TB
TechnologyFlash or Platter
UsageNAS, RAID, Internal, External, USB, CCTV, SD Card
Failure TypePhysical, Logical

In addition, the number of man-hours necessary and the cost of spare parts have to be factored in.

In-lab Toshiba hard drive recovery begins from ₹3,500.

Case Study: Recovered Data From Toshiba 1TB Hard Drive

Client: An Insurance Company

Client Location: Kolkata

Goal: The purpose is to recover data from a Toshiba 1 TB hard drive.

Approach: Stellar Data Recovery successfully recovered data from the client’s Toshiba 1TB Hard Drive

Challenge Faced

  • The client was having trouble since Windows had been reinstalled after the system had been completely formatted with Bitlocker.
  • Then, the client was unable to access any of the laptop’s documents.

Stellar Data Recovery’s Process

  • Initial investigation showed that Windows OS had been reinstalled after formatting the Toshiba 1TB external hard disk with Bitlocker encryption.
  • The encryption partition was then located using sector analysis performed by Stellar Data Recovery on the clone disk.
  • Then After receiving the key from the client the partition was successfully decrypted, and Stellar Data Recovery was able to recover the client’s crucial data.

Client Review

The customer was really pleased with Stellar Data Recovery’s service. They were happy that their crucial Documents could be successfully recovered.


1. Toshiba hard disk is operating at 60°C. Is that too hot?

60°C is too hot for a hard drive. It will suffer in the long run. Please arrange for better case cooling and larger fans.

2. Should I buy another Toshiba hard disk? One failed, which I sent to Stellar. What about the next one?

Toshiba has consistently ranked besides Seagate and WD as a reputed maker. The life of an HDD is highly uncertain. One HDD may last 3 months and the next one from the same assembly line 5 years under the same operating conditions.

Overall, when you have used 5-8 hard disks the lifespan tends to average out between 2-5 years.

3.SMART shows warning. Should I switch the hard disk off?

Yes, the Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, helps prevent sudden crashes. It is best to switch it off and call the Stellar helpline for timely Toshiba hard drive recovery.

4.What is the possibility of data recovery from a dead Toshiba hard drive?

It’s very likely that your data can be recovered. Toshiba hard drive data recovery is possible via software and in-lab recovery. For expert advice about data recovery for free, call us today.

A Word of Advice

Remember this – backup of backup is the only way to be perfectly safe when it comes to data. Be diligent and always backup data.

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