How To Recover Lost Data From Dead Android Phone

Summary – The main intent of this blog is to make you aware of the ways by which you can recover lost data from dead Android phone. It also highlights the reasons for your Android phone going dead and how you can avoid such a situation. Read on to know the best practices to recover data from dead Android phone.

Android is a popular mobile operating system developed and owned by Google. In fact, it is an operating system on which a number of smartphones by the top brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola run. With Google’s intelligence built in these smartphones, they bring to you several features and benefits.

Further, they have enough storage space that helps you to store a large amount of data that includes contacts, text messages, photos, music files, videos, text documents, etc. Also, they come with several features such as waterproof, long battery life, low-light camera, etc. There is always one Android that has the functionalities you want. Thus, smartphones that run Android OS are the ones that are most widely used by people across the globe. However, there are instances when they might turn dead, therefore, leading to data loss situations.

Recover Lost Data From Dead Android Phone

Well, a dead Android phone denies access to all the stored data in addition to restricting you from making regular phone calls or calls through several audio and video calling applications. Next, it does not respond to any command, given through the touch screen or physical keys. You can conclude that a dead phone is of no use, but the data stored within them surely are. Thus, in such situations, it becomes necessary for you to recover data from it. But the question that arises is how?

Let’s have a look at the causes that leads to the death of your Android phone, measures that you can employ to prevent such a situation and ways to recover the lost data that occurs due to death of your Android phone. They are as follows:

Causes – You may drop your Android phone accidentally on the ground, which, being quite hard may damage your phone considerably. When this happens, the phone does not get powered-on despite several attempts to do so. Next, it could be that a powerful virus somehow entered your phone and attacked, thus making all your data inaccessible. Further, it could be that your phone got submerged in water and destroyed the embedded software. There can be other miscellaneous causes that damage the hardware, software or both.

Prevention – You can prevent your Android smartphone from dying by employing several measures, however, all have the same motive, which is handling your phone with care. This involves several activities such as avoiding your phone from dropping in water or on any hard surface. Always have an updated antivirus installed on it so that there’s no way for a virus attack or attack by any other malware.

Now that you are aware of the causes and preventive measures, have a look at the methods that you can employ to recover deleted data from dead Android phone (smartphones).

Methods to Recover Lost Data from Dead Android Phone

There are several ways by which you can try to recover lost data from dead Android phone that runs Android OS. You can go through them in the section below:

  1. Restoring Android Backup – If you have a backup created for your Android just before it got dead, you can restore it to recover all data. However, the backup file must be on any external device. The reason being, when the phone becomes dead, you cannot power it on to recover data from the backup file saved on the phone.
  1. Efficient & Powerful Android Recovery Software – There persists several Android data recovery software from different brands. You should select one that has the capability to recover complete data. Also, you can search for the one which is user-friendly in addition to being effective as well as powerful, and then use it to recover the data that got inaccessible due to the death of your Android phone.
  1. Obtain Android Phone Data Recovery Service – The other comprehensive way to recover lost data from your dead Android phone is by obtaining Android data recovery from a distinguished data recovery service provider. Stellar Data Recovery is a well-known brand for data recovery that has a number of Service Centers and experts for the purpose of recovering data that includes data from dead Android phone.

Bottom Line

Restoring backup from an external data storage, using Android data recovery software, obtaining Android phone recovery service are the top three means by which you can recover data that became inaccessible due to death of your Android phone. Based on your choice, you can go for any of the three to fulfil your purpose of Android mobile recovery. However, you can restore from the backup file only if you have one on an external device.

If you do not know the restoration process, want to save data recovery time or both, you can go for Android phone recovery resolutions such as a software or service. But then, all such tools are not capable of recovering intact data. Even if a few are, you should know the method to use it so that it gives the looked-for results. Above all, Android data recovery services from Stellar Data Recovery is the one that can best satisfy you. This is because the company houses specialised technical experts who are well adept in providing the same.

2 thoughts on “How To Recover Lost Data From Dead Android Phone

  1. One day in Morning I turned off my alarm on my device coolpad note 3, after some time when I check the time on my device. It has been totally dead. Can it be possible to recover data from my dead device, if there is some problem with the motherboard?

    1. Hi Akash,
      Are you sure that your device is dead? I mean how do you know that your phone is in a dead condition, as you only turned off the alarm?
      But still, give it to a try and check;
      – Remove battery
      – Insert it again
      – Switch on the device
      – and also check the charging of the device if it is charged or not?
      But if the device is really dead then I suggest you get in touch with data recovery experts as no software will help you.

      ~~ Thanks

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