How to Recover Data From QNAP NAS Server?

Case 1: We have a QNAP NAS attached to our office network. A group of users uses this NAS storage to save and access their official data. Now that NAS drives are have got damaged, we have lost our critical business data stored on QNAP NAS. How can we recover data from damaged QNAP NAS?
Case 2: I am a professional photographer. I have lost all the photos and videos I saved on QNAP NAS due to a virus infection. The QNAP drive is severely corrupt and doesn’t allow me to access my crucial files. What should I do to recover the lost files from QNAP NAS?
Case 3: I have a QNAP NAS server which I use as a backup of important files. Unfortunately, I dropped a QNAP NAS drive while removing it and replacing it with the other one. The disk that got damaged is a backup disk that is completely filled with data and I don’t have any other place where I could find this data. Please help me recover the crucial and sensitive data.

Are you in a similar data loss situation where you’ve lost data from the QNAP NAS server and want to recover data from QNAP Server? In this post, we’ll discuss how you can recover data from QNAP NAS server.

Overview of QNAP NAS Server

QNAP is a manufacturer of networking appliances and storage solutions. It specializes in manufacturing hardware systems that are required for file sharing, data storage, virtualization, etc. Many of the QNAP’s offerings are NAS systems/servers. A QNAP’s NAS system may consist of one or more hard drives attached to it. You can connect the NAS system to a network and the NAS storage becomes accessible to all the devices/users on the same network. Moreover, you can also configure the NAS system to be accessible over the internet by using its myQNAPcloud application. Thus, QNAP’s NAS gives users remote access to all their important official/business documents, personal files, videos, music, photos, etc.

Data Loss Risk involved with QNAP NAS Drive

The high speed and storage volume of QNAP’s NAS allows multiple users to store and access a huge amount of data. But if NAS drive gets damaged or corrupted due to adverse environmental conditions, mishandling bad sectors on the disk, age, and usage, malware infection, etc, you’d lose all the data stored on NAS.

If you’ve lost NAS data due to damaged or corrupted NAS drives or for any reason, seek the help of a professional NAS data recovery service provider.

Stellar data recovery experts can recover data from standalone NAS drives and from NAS drives configured as a RAID array. Recently we’ve recovered data from a NAS which was having 12 SATA HDDs. For details, you can read the case study.

Read Stellar’s NAS data recovery case study:

nas case study

Cautions to Recover Up To 100% NAS Data

  • Don’t try to repair – Don’t try to repair physically crashed QNAP’s NAS drives. Doing so may further damage the drive reducing the rate of recovery.
  • Don’t use hit and trial methods – Using hit and trial methods to recover QNAP NAS data may result in data overwriting resulting in permanent data loss.
  • Don’t rebuild the RAID configured on NAS – If you’ve configured RAID on your QNAP NAS server and have lost data due to the failure of multiple disks in the RAID array, don’t try to rebuild the RAID. Entering incorrect RAID array parameters while rebuilding might lead to permanent data loss and a reduced rate of recovery.
  • Replace the failing drive – If you observe drive failure symptoms stop using the NAS system/server or replace the failing drive to prevent further damages and permanent data loss from the affected drive.


QNAP NAS servers provide high accessibility and availability of the data stored on NAS drives. If your NAS drive physically failed or suffers any logical problem then you can lose your data. If you’ve lost data from NAS for any reason, contact a data recovery expert who can recover data from NAS drives configured as standalone or RAID drives. Along with QNAP, you can approach Stellar for Synology NAS data recovery.

In order to prevent a data loss situation in the future, you must backup your NAS data. QNAP NAS supports many third-party data backup software to take NAS drives backup on external storage devices, remote servers, or third-party cloud backup services.

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