How to Recover FAT32 Partition Data from Hard Disk?

Summary: If the FAT32 hard drive partition is invisible on Windows Explorer or has become inaccessible, then you can follow the methods discussed in this post to recover FAT32 partition data from Hard Disk. Download the free demo version of Stellar Windows data recovery software to preview your recovered files.

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Case 1: A FAT32 partition on my hard disk is missing. How can I recover data from lost FAT32 partition?

Case 2: I am unable to access the FAT32 partition on my external hard drive. Whenever I try to open it, I get an error message which doesn’t allow me to access the data on it. Is there a way to recover data from FAT32 hard drive which has become inaccessible?”


These are some instances when users lost data because of missing or inaccessible FAT32 partitions on the hard disk. A partition on the hard disk may become inaccessible or missing due to various reasons.

Methods to Recover FAT32 Partition Data from Hard Disk

Method 1: Assign a Drive Letter

You’d not be able to see a hard disk partition in Windows explorer, if it doesn’t have a drive letter then assigned to it. To assign a drive letter, follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Connect the hard disk (if the hard disk is external) to a Windows system

Step 2. Press Windows+R keys to open the Run dialog box

Step 3. Type diskmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box, and then hit Enter

It will open the Disk Management window, displaying all the connected drives with their respective partitions.

Step 4. Right-click on the partition which doesn’t have a drive letter assigned, and then click on Change Drive Letter and Paths

Change drive letter

Step 5. In Change drive letter or path dialog box that opens, click Change

Step 6. Choose Assign the following drive letter

Step 7. Choose a drive letter from the dropdown list, and then click OK

Assign Drive Letter

Step 8. Close Disk Management window

Now, open This PC on your system and check if you’re able to see the Recover FAT32 hard drive Data.

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Method 2: Use Windows Error Checking Tool

If the partition is visible in Windows explorer but you’re unable to open it, it indicates that the partition is corrupt. You can use the Windows Error Checking Tool to fix minor corruption in the FAT32 partition. To do so, follow the given steps:

Step 1. Open This PC on your system

Step 2. Right-click on the corrupted partition, and then select Properties

Step 3. Choose Tools and then click the Check button


This starts checking the partition and may fix the issues if any.

Step 5. Restart the system when the disk checking process is completed, and check if the partition is accessible now

However, if you want your data to be recovered under the guidance of data recovery experts, seek the help of a professional hard disk data recovery service provider.

Method 3:Use Professional data recovery software to recover files from fat32 partition.

If you’re unable to recover FAT32 hard drive Data by above two manual approach , then use safe and effective data recovery tools such as Stellar Data Recovery software, which can recover deleted files from lost, error throwing, or inaccessible FAT32 partition or even from a formatted partition.

Steps to perform FAT32 Partition Data recovery:

  • Download and install Stellar Windows data recovery software on your system.

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  • From main interface select type of data to be recovered i.e. either select all data or you can select specific data type which you want to recover.


  • Now from next screen select location from where you want to recover data i.e, your FAT32 partition and click scan.


  • Wait for scanning to be completed, when scanning is completed a list of recoverable data will appear, you can select them to preview before saving.


  • After preview, click recover to save recovered files at desired location.

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Method 4: Seek the Help of Stellar Data Recovery Service

If you’re unable to locate a FAT32 partition or can’t open it due to severe corruption, bad sectors, virus attack, partition deletion, or due to any physical damage to the hard disk, seek the help of a Professional Data Recovery Service Provider such as Stellar to recover data from hard disk.

As hard disks are delicate, the data recovery experts at Stellar thoroughly analyze the hard disk and then recover data from it in an air-controlled Class 100 Clean Room lab. They use sophisticated tools and equipment to recover up to 100% data with safety.

Stellar is a trusted data recovery brand that values your personal or business data. It follows stringent practices to recover your crucial data, with utmost privacy and integrity.

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