How to Recover Files Deleted from Trash in Macbook

“I just lost all my data accidentally deleting my trash, and the backup option in my MacBook was also disabled. How can I recover files deleted from trash?”

Many people across the world wonder how to recover deleted files without Time Machine, which is the backup function in Macs. They also wonder how to recover deleted files without backup, since they have disabled the back up options that were present when they bought their Macs and were prompted for the option to deselect them.

If you happen to delete data from your MacBook’s Trash using Option-Shift-Command-Delete, then the files are deleted permanently from macOS. This is when there comes the need for a Data Recovery Software to help you get back the data. We understand that data loss is a critical situation, and Stellar Data Recovery Software for Mac will successfully help you to overcome the situation. Whatever may be the cause, the software is specially designed to recover permanently deleted files be it pictures, videos, audio, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Word, emails, applications, etc. from Trash. Don’t worry there are various ways to recover deleted files from Mac Trash.

Methods to Recover Deleted Files from Mac

It is advisable that one should immediately stop using the system in data loss situation. In case you have HDD in your Mac, do not save or create new files as this can over write the disk space where the deleted files get stored. It is very difficult to recover the deleted files once overwritten. Please refer to below mentioned ways to recover deleted files from trash in Mac.

1. Check for external backup

Try to recall the files you have created. It may happen that you have backup the files on your smartphone or in other storage devices like memory card, external hard drive, USB stick, etc. Do check your mailbox as well, in case you deleted project-based documents, those might have been shared on an email.

2. Restore from Time Machine backup

If you have enabled the Time Machine backup, then no need to worry at all. You could easily retrieve the data from Time Machine by navigating the folder where the deleted files lie.

3. Use Mac Data Recovery Software

If both the methods mentioned above do not work then try using a professional data recovery tool. You can use Stellar Data Recovery Professional for macOS trash recovery. Just download & install the software, and then follow the simple & easy steps to recover deleted files from trash in Macbook. The trial version enables you to scan and locate the deleted data along with “Preview” functionality. Purchase the software to recover the files from Time Machine backups, lost partitions, and corrupt Boot Camp partitions.

4. Mac Data Recovery Service

For critical scenarios, it is always advisable to go for authorized Data Recovery service for Apple computers. Retrieving data from Apple computers like MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac devices requires a combination of special skills and the best technology. Immediately contact Stellar for professional Data Recovery service to recover your essential data.

We at Stellar take pride in delivering up to 100% success rate in data recovery. Our professionals recover data from any of the below mentioned scenarios leading to data loss:

  • Reformatting of hard drive
  • Mac hardware failure
  • Mac OS X volume errors,
  • Failure of the operating system of Mac

The professionals are expert in all kind of data recovery from various situations and much more.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss in MacBook

Listed below are few pointers to be kept in mind so that you do not encounter data loss situation.

  • Your Mac may fail due to power surges; hence use an uninterruptible power supply.
  • Avoid updating Mac OS on a malfunctioning Device. Also, try to avoid installing any third party software.
  • Immediately troubleshoot problems whenever they occur.
  • Eject external storage devices after turning them off.
  • Create a backup of your critical data regularly.
  • Keep your anti-virus version updated and also run a virus scan to check for any potential spyware or malware on a regular basis.


In case if you have deleted files from the Trash, then you need a Mac data recovery software or service to get back the deleted data. Don’t download any unauthorized software because it can severely harm your Mac and can lead to deletion of your data forever. We perform 50,000+ service jobs per year in our data recovery centers. With Stellar Data Recovery Services, you can also recover up to 100% deleted, formatted and lost data from Mac OS X, MacBook, MacBook Pro and all other Mac computers.

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