Stellar [2.0] – Data Care with Simplicity and Innovation

We are excited to announce a few key changes in the way we present ourselves to the World. These changes reflect our intrinsic drive to serve the evolving data care needs of customers, and, in the larger purview, highlight our transformation (and adaptive stance) around the core values of Simplicity, Care, and Trust, with a commitment to innovate future-ready solutions for the new data first world.

While the transition to a new corporate identity and product value consolidation represent overarching aspects of our re-brand journey, it’s the fresh emphasis on the 25 years of our brand promise that forms the underpinning of this evolution for you— our valued Domestic customers. Sincere thanks for your constant support and trust throughout the past 25 years of our history!

Stellar Remote Recovery Services

Stellar is committed to data recovery needs across the country during the COVID-19.In continuation of our commitment to data care services and to ensure data loss does not hamper businesses or individuals, Stellar will be operating online and provide remote data recovery services.

We are available on Chat, phone and Email

So, what are the elements that reflect this change?

1. Brand Logo

The new brand logo signifies our evolving identity and arrival of Stellar [2.0], with placing fresh emphasis on the core elements of Simplicity and Care— values that define us and our inherent focus on protecting your data assets with simplicity and care. Symbolically, the new logo illustrates a modern shield, with the dots indicating a futuristic, growth stance.

 Stellar [2.0]

2. Brand Promise

Stellar [2.0] is truly about placing a fresh emphasis on the things that matter the most to you.

From a data care services standpoint, our transformation draws immensely from the past 25 years of our trailblazing legacy and translates the brand promise for serving your needs in the modern era. The following attributes define the key facets of our brand promise for data care:

      1. Transparent: Complete visibility across the service delivery cycle
      2. Secure: 100% safe and confidential data recovery
      3. Reliable: Risk-free data recovery with innovation and proven expertise
      4. Responsible: Accountable service delivery with trust and integrity
      5. Exceptional: Delightful experience with great service quality and efficiency

Stellar -2.0

3. Value-driven Services

Trust and Innovation served as key differentiators for us in the past 25 years of our data care services. Our evolved stance will continue this focus on Trust and Innovation, with bringing ‘Value’– as another key differentiator – to the centre of our customer-first mindset. This Value will translate in various tangible forms viz. ease (seamless and hassle-free experience), service efficiency (faster turnaround), responsiveness (better/faster response), solution varieties (ways and combinations to avail a service), and overall flexibility and peace of mind.

Meaning, as a customer, you get the best possible mix of data care services without the need to worry about anything. In all, Stellar [2.0] aspires to deliver the best value with simplicity, trust, and innovation, that’s hard to beat or even propose.

4. Product Naming and Packaging:

The most significant change is that Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar.

We are now much simplified and unified with consolidating the core value of each individual product (and variants) within the broad umbrella of the Stellar master brand; meaning, every product name now stands adjacent to the brand and clearly spells out – what it does for you.!

The new product naming convention further shapes the ‘simplicity’ attribute in harmony with the value of delivering comprehensive care. So, the core value of every product now stands out distinctly with the product name.

As an example,

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is now simply called Stellar Photo Recovery.


Stellar Phoenix Video Repair – Standard is now known as Stellar Repair for Video.

Simple, unified, and unambiguous— this new product naming convention helps translate the core value for customers by bringing simplicity and sophistication together in a unified value proposition.

The new product packaging – besides the brand logo – is another pronounced expression of our new evolved visual identity.

 The presence of unique intuitive motifs for every product category simplify and deconstruct our entire data care software catalog and make it come alive in a simple and elegant form— easy to navigate, comprehend, and adapt.

Stellar 2.0

To summarize, this is a sizable transformation in the way we present ourselves. But, it is nonetheless pinned on to the fundamental tenets of simplicity, care, and trust, with the core purpose of bringing forth the best and most innovative data care solutions for you … only with greater passion and efforts!

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