How to Repair Corrupted MP4 Video Files Free?

Summary: In this article, we will offer a comprehensive guide to MP4 corrupted video repair. We will first tell you the symptoms and help you identify which method you can use. The methods covered include using built-in features in popular media players like VLC and iMovie, employing open-source attempts to fix the issue by renaming the file or converting it to a different format, and utilizing advanced repair software like Stellar Repair for Video. MP4 Video Repair Online Free- Corrupted MP4 files can be extremely frustrating. If you’re a video editor or creator, you are losing precious work hours. And if it is a personal MP4 file, you’re at risk of losing precious memories.

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Whatever the case may be, you need to address the problem ASAP. In this article, we will tell you how you can go about MP4 corrupted video repair.

MP4 video repair online free

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Symptoms of corrupted MP4 files:

  1. The video is unable to play.
  2. Only audio is playing and no video.
  3. Choppy/blurry/flickering video.
  4. Audio and video are not synchronized.
  5. No audio or video is lagging

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Different ways to fix corrupted MP4 Video Repair Online Free and Paid

MP4 Corrupted Video Repair MethodWhen to Use
Use VLC Media PlayerWhen the MP4 file has corruption in the file index
Use QuickTimeWhen you are a Mac user and need to repair corrupted MP4 files
Rename the fileWhen the MP4 file shows symptoms like video unable to play, audio-only playback, blurry/flickering video, audio-video sync issues
Try converting the file into a different formatWhen the MP4 file has issues due to video codec incompatibility
Use Stellar Video RepairWhen you need advanced repair software to fix all types of corruption issues in a video file, including severe corruption

5 Methods For MP4 corrupted video repair online

Here are 5 tried and tested methods for MP4 corrupted video repair. Our 6th method is to use Stellar Repair for video. This is a professional tool and maximizes the chances of recovery.

1. Use VLC Media Player

This method helps you repair corrupt MP4 video files online for free.

Most people don’t know this. VLC Media Player has a built-in video repair feature that can fix corruption in the file index.

MP4 video repair online free

There are so many ways you can repair your corrupted MP4 files. These include:

  • Using Fix Feature
  • Changing the Video Output Settings
  • Using Transcoding feature 

2. Use iMovie

MP4 video repair online free

If you are a Mac user, go to IMovie for MP4 corrupted video repair. This MP4 repair tool has a built-in repair feature. It ensures uninterrupted playback. It is user-friendly and reliable for recovering multimedia files on Mac.

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3. Rename the File

Renaming the file can sometimes work for MP4 corrupted video repair. It is a quick and easy MP4 repair tool. Right-click the file. Select “Rename”. Change the file format and try playing the file again

4. Try Converting the File into a Different Format

MP4 video repair online free

Use a video converter software. For example, you can use WinX Video Converter to transcode MP4 to a reliable codec such as H.264 to fix the broken file. This can help address issues caused by video codec incompatibility.

5. Use Stellar Video Repair- MP4 Video Repair Online Free

When and Why to Use Stellar Video Repair?


Stellar Video Repair is a powerful software designed to recover deleted or lost videos from various storage devices. It is capable of recovering videos in different formats and from sources like cameras, drones, and other devices. Whether you accidentally deleted videos, formatted the storage media, encountered bad sectors, or faced corruption due to viruses or file system issues, Stellar Video Recovery can help.

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Key Features of Stellar Video Repair: MP4 Video Repair Online Free

  1. Quick and efficient recovery of unlimited video files from different storage devices.
  2. Restoration of videos from corrupted, formatted, or inaccessible drives.
  3. Support for RAW video files from major camera brands, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, and more.
  4. Repairing of damaged/corrupted videos caused by compression, file header corruption, improper handling, and other factors.
  5. Customizable scan options to select specific file types, regions, or sectors for targeted recovery.
  6. Preview functionality to view recovered videos before saving them to a desired location.
  7. Compatibility with BitLocker-encrypted drives (with the correct password) for video recovery.
  8. Additional features include dual monitor functionality, 4K drive recovery, SMART drive monitoring, deep scan for better results, and the ability to scan and resume recovery later.

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Why Choose Stellar for Video Repair?

  1. Unmatched Expertise: With a 30-year track record, Stellar has established a reputation for quality and innovation in data recovery. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and users worldwide.
  2. Comprehensive Services: Stellar offers tailored solutions to meet your specific video recovery needs, ranging from DIY software to in-lab and remote data recovery.
  3. Globally Recognized: Stellar has been recognized with the CIO Choice awards in 2017 and 2019, solidifying its position as a global leader in data recovery solutions.

If you have any more questions about MP4 corrupted video repair, check the FAQs section below.

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FAQs about MP4 Video Repair Online Free

1. Can you completely fix broken or corrupted MP4 video files?

MP4 corrupted video repair success or failure is based on many factors. For instance, the cause of the corruption. In case of headers being corrupted, recovery is very likely. But if whole chunks of data are corrupted, then the recovery might only be partially successful. Stellar Video Recovery offers ‘Advance Recovery’ which makes your severely corrupt videos playable again.

2. What are the limitations or drawbacks of free methods in repairing corrupt MP4 video files?

Repairing corrupt MP4 video files online for free may not always work. This can be time-consuming, and involves trial and error, especially if the files are large or the corruption is severe.

This is why we recommend that you trust experts like at Stellar Video Recovery.

3. What are some tips to avoid encountering MP4 file corruption issues?

Here are some tips.

  • Back up your data at multiple locations. 
  • Check for new security patches for your operating system and install them. 
  • Get a licensed antivirus. 
  • Get a UPS system to avoid a sudden shutdown of the computer. 
  • Don’t kill processes such as copy/move video files in progress. 

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4. What are the common causes of MP4 file corruption?

MP4 file corruption can occur due to various reasons. Some common causes include:

  • Software or hardware issues
  • Incomplete or improper file transfer
  • Sudden power outages or system crashes during video recording or saving
  • Malware or virus infections, and 
  • Using incompatible or faulty video codecs.

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5. Can Stellar Repair for Video handle large-sized MP4 files?

Yes, Stellar Video Repair is capable of handling large-sized MP4 files. The software is designed to efficiently scan and recover videos from storage devices of various capacities, including those containing large-sized MP4 files.

Whether you have gigabytes or even terabytes of video data, Stellar Video Recovery can handle the recovery process effectively, ensuring that your valuable videos are recovered without any size limitations.

6. How do I perform MP4 video repair online for free?

For free MP4 video repair online, download and try VLC Media Player or iMovie for Mac. VLC can repair MP4 files by fixing corruption in the file index. That’s why in many cases it serves as a practical tool for video repair online free.

7. Does renaming help in the repair of corrupted video for free?

Renaming can sometimes fix playback issues, acting as a simple mp4 repair technique for corrupted files. Also, using free video converter software, you can convert and potentially repair corrupted video online free by addressing codec incompatibilities.

8. What are common signs that indicate I need MP4 repair online?

Signs include video not playing, audio-only playback, choppy video, and sync issues, indicating the need for MP4 repair online. Prevent future issues by backing up data, updating your system, using antivirus software, and ensuring a stable power supply. Stellar Video Repair offers advanced services for mp4 video repair free, capable of fixing severe corruption issues.

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