Foremay’s 2TB SATA 2.5″ SSD Could be the Next Big Thing in Storage World

Foremay, the world’s leading SSD maker, is all set to release the first ever SSD drives featuring Serial ATA-6Gb/s interface in the standard 2.5″ form factor and having a thickness of just 9.5 mm. There is no arguing to the fact that more manufacturers are now eying to pack huge capacities into even smaller form factor. Foremay has already released the SSD’s 1 TB variant back in May 2011. As of now, it has doubled the capacity keeping approximately the same form factor.

The 2 TB SSD drives will hit the market in both the Foremay’s SC199 and TC166 product families. The SC199 family features industrial-grade drives to suit mission-critical applications. Such applications have specific requirements, such as increased resistance to vibration or shock and the ability to support industrial ranges (-40 ~ +85°C or wider). On the contrary, the TC166 family includes commercial-grade drives best suited for terminal computing requirements. The SSD drives belonging to the TC166 family will showcase characteristics, such as much longer battery life owing to its low power consumption, improved data protection and security, and noiseless operation with shock resistance.

The new SSD drives will be equipped with all the integrated flash memory technologies, including SMART, Advanced Power Management (APM), and advanced error correction. On top of that, there is a range of optional features which includes MIL-SPEC secure erase methods, hardware based encryption and conformal coatings.

With a thickness of only 9.5 mm and that small form factor, it would be a lot easier to fit these drives into laptop hard drive bays. The SSD models are intended to offer 550MB/s read and 510MB/s performance. These are equivalent to the SATA 3 speeds. However, the support for SATA 3 is included in the 3.5″ desktop model. These drives are already in production and are soon going to be commercially available.

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