How to Repair Excel File Online?

Summary: This blog brings into knowledge about how to Repair Excel File Online which is corrupted due to factors such as bad sectors in the hard disk, virus corruption, large data stored in a single Excel file, etc. Know how you can repair Excel file online and get your cells, tables, filters, formulas, and all data back.

You can repair your Excel files by using our Stellar Repair for Excel Software. This demo version 0f the software is free to download. Now download the software and get a preview of all the corrupted Excel files.

Free Download
This version allows users to scan corrupted Excel files and preview the recoverable data.

Though Microsoft Excel is one of the most reliable spreadsheet applications, it isn’t immune to damage and corruption. Several data threats can affect the proper working of MS Excel, causing your vital data to become inaccessible and prone to permanent loss. Thus, every person who uses Excel should be aware of repair and recovery techniques that can help them salvage their data from a damaged or corrupt Excel file.

As there are several online Excel Repair softwares available, we advise users to make their choices carefully. In this blog post, we are going to overview a software that specializes to repair corrupt excel files. The software is called Stellar Repair for Excel, and its USP lies in repairing severely corrupt Excel spreadsheet and extracting all the data intact in a fresh spreadsheet.

Reasons behind Corrupt Excel file

Corruption or damage to Excel file results into a lot of data loss:

  • Sudden power failure and abrupt shut down of the system also results in corruption of Excel file. This is possible only if the file was open before shutdown.
  • Improper system shutdown
  • Virus attacks are very common and well known reasons behind corruption of Excel file
  • Malware infection
  • Editing the file on different versions of Office Application
  • Large amount of data stored in a single excel file also results in damage to excel file.
  • If your hard disk has bad sectors on it where the Excel file is exists there are high chances of excel file corruption.
  • Issues with the Operating System
  • Issues with MS Office Application

Workarounds to repair corrupt Excel file:

Sometimes workarounds tend to reveal positive results, so before approaching any excel repair software make sure to try workarounds.

  1. Disable protected view: Disable protected view can harm your PC as it allows entry of threats. But however, if you are able to access Excel file after disabling protected view save it different name and again enable protected view.
  2. Modify component service settings: By doing so it will make changes in registry. So make sure not to make any mistake while making changes.
  3. Change the file extension: It might be possible that current version of your MS Office does not support the file extension of your Excel file. So change the file extension to .XLS and check again.
  4. Disable Add-Ins: Sometimes an error message pops up indicating that your file may be corrupted. But however it can be due to add – ins so disable them and check again.
  5.  Repair Excel file by using built in open and repair utility: By using open and repair utility file may get fixed up, But repairing file through this method may not retain complete Excel file, it will only keep data of the file, but doesn’t restore formatting.

Why Stellar Repair for Excel is the best software to repair Excel file online?

Stellar Repair for Excel is an innovating software developed by Stellar, a data care organization with 25+ years history of innovation in data recovery, Excel file repair, mailbox migration, and data erasure solutions.

This Excel repair software from Stellar leverages powerful algorithms to repair corrupt Excel files and restore the information in a new blank Excel. Key advantages of this Excel repair software include:

  • Recovers tables, charts, cell comments, images, formulas, sorts, filters, etc. from damaged & corrupt Excel files
  • Preserves worksheet properties (freeze panes, split, gridlines, formula bar) and cell formatting
  • Repairs single as well as multiple XLS/XLSX files simultaneously
  • Repair corrupted Excel file
  • Supports MS Excel versions 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & 2000

How does Excel File Repair Software Work?

Stellar Repair for Excel features an interactive GUI which makes it’s working very easy. Through a simple 3-step approach of select-scan-repair, this software ensures you don’t have to face data loss from your critical Excel files.

To repair corrupted Excel files and recover the data stored within, follow these steps:

  1. Download, install and launch Stellar Repair for Excel
    corrupt excel file
  2. On the software’s home screen, you will see the option to select the corrupt Excel file. Click ‘Browse’ to select the corrupt Excel file (XLS/XLSX).  Or click ‘Search’ to locate the corrupt file if you don’t know its file path on your system.
    corrupt excel file
  3. Once the file or files have been selected, click on ‘Repair’ to initiate the repairing process
    corrupt excel file
  4. When the scan finishes, all recoverable items will be displayed in a tree-view list in the software’s left-hand panel. From here you can preview any item by double-clicking on it
    corrupt excel file
  5. If satisfied with the file preview, you can save the repaired file by clicking on the ‘Save File’ button from the main menu
    corrupt excel file
  6. When prompted, provide the desired destination to save the repaired file and click ‘OK’
  7. After completion of the saving process, the software prompts an appropriate saving message on the screen.

That’s how easy it is to repair Corrupt Excel files with this product.

Wrapping it up

Having complete knowledge of any software application means not just knowing how to work with it, but also how to deal with problems while using it. In the case of MS Excel, that means understanding the associated risks and knowing how to overcome corruption issues. Stellar Repair for Excel brings you one step closer to resolving data threats your Excel files face and helps you recover corrupted Excel file data.

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