Why Trust Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software?

Summary: Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software -The Best Data Recovery Software of 2018 – PC MAG*

What are you to do if you lose all the necessary files stored on your computer’s hard drive or an external hard drive? Problems like virus attacks, physical damage, user error, etc. can quickly put you in a spot. Fortunately, in a lot of cases, you can recover the data quickly with the help of reliable and professional data recovery software.

Now, even though there is a variety of data recovery software available on the Internet today, Stellar Windows Data Recovery software is the one that you can’t go wrong with. The following are some of the common scenarios in which you can use the Stellar Windows Data Recovery software:


Data Corruption

Data corruption can take place for a variety of reasons. For instance, malware infection can easily harm the data, and its impact can even spread if left untreated. Similarly, interrupting a data transfer from one partition or drive to another (power failure, USB removal, etc.) can also corrupt the files involved. This windows data recovery software has advanced search options to recover data from severely corrupted hard drives.

Formatted Data

Formatting data means merely wiping clean a hard drive, which means all the files & data stored is inaccessible or lost. It does not erase the data on the disk but the address tables. So, if the user has formatted a disk, do not panic, Stellar Windows Data Recovery software can help you recover all the vital information from the drive.

Recycle Bin Deleted Data

In essence, recycle bin deleted data is the same as formatted data. Because in both cases the data is lost as free space is created on the hard drive. However, the difference lies in the process.

When you delete data, then the disk takes the files and marks them as a space in the file index. When you need to store another file, it identifies the free space by looking up the index.  Download Stellar Windows data recovery software to recover data.

recover deleted pictures

Lost Partition

Your hard drive contains a “Master Boot Record,” a hidden file that contains all the details about the hard drive partitions. If it gets deleted or corrupted, then you can lose access to the hard drive partitions.  This software can help the user recover data from lost partitions.

RAW Hard Drive

A RAW hard drive is the most common problem that computer users face while using a hard drive.  In this, the user is not able to access the hard drive & provided with a window pop-up message “The drive is not formatted. Do you format it now?”

Checking the properties of the hard drive in this situation usually shows the free space and used space on the hard drive as “0 bytes”. ,” is because the hard drive becomes “RAW”, a result of having a lost or corrupted system directory structure.

The problem with a RAW hard drive is that you can’t access the files stored on it unless you format it first. However, this means that all the data stored on it .”.  Thus, Windows data recovery software such as Stellar windows data recovery is the only feasible solution.

However, if you are not sure whether the software will recover data or not then in that case Stellar offers free data recovery software to its users to do free data recovery of up to 1 GB.

How is Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software an Ideal Solution?

Stellar windows data recovery software is an ideal solution & the best hard drive recovery software today. The software functions effectively and recovers up to  100 % of the data from the above-mentioned scenarios.

If you want to recover your data in any of the situations above, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install Stellar Windows Data Recovery on your computer.
    RAW Recovery
  2. Launch the program. A window will appear asking you to “select what to recovery”.
    These are your options:
    Everything (all files and folders)
    Documents, folders, and emails (you can select individually if you like)
    Multimedia files (photos, audio files, and videos)
    Stellar Data Recovery Software

After selecting your option, click “Next”.

  1. Select the location of the hard drive you want to scan and click “Scan.”
    chkdsk command
  2. The program will scan all the files on the hard drive as per your pre-set preferences. You can preview them all on the left side of the window under ‘File Type,’ ‘Tree View’ and ‘Deleted List.’
  3. Select the files you want to recover and click “Save.”
    chkdsk command
  4. Select the destination folder in which you want to save the recovered files and click ”Start Saving.”

Note: Be sure to select a location that’s not on the hard drive you are recovering the data from.

  1. That’s it!  Data Recovery is a success

Watch the video on  “Recover Deleted Photos, Videos & Files” with the help of Stellar Recovery Software

Features of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

The Stellar windows data recovery software is the best hard drive recovery software because: 

    • Deleted Files Preview:
      The software lets you see the recoverable/lost files in a preview window. So that you can select the data you need before initiating the recovery process.
    • Free Demo:
      You don’t need to pay a penny before you use the software. You can run the software and see the files that you need to recover before you purchase the software.
    • Deep Scan:
      Stellar’s advanced “deep scan” feature ensures that not a single file is missed out during the scan. Switch to “deep scan” to dig deeper if you did not find files in the quick scan.
    • Comprehensive and Reliable Recovery Solution:
      Stellar offers data recovery solutions for all kinds of storage media devices including internal & external hard drives, SSDs, SD cards, laptops, etc. The software is 100% safe and secure.
    • Integrated Professional Recovery Service:
      In data loss scenarios in which the damage is physical, i.e. broken read/write head, damaged magnetic platter, etc. the only viable recovery option is a professional data recovery service in which data experts open the hard drive manually to recover the data. With Stellar windows data recovery software, you get inbuilt support for that so that you can contact the professionals.

Awards & Accolades:

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software is recommended by industry experts to users numerous times, one such recommendation was by PC Mag*!

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software- PC MAG

In Conclusion

Your data is essential which is why there is no reason to pick anything but the best windows data recovery software.

Purchasing Stellar Data Recovery Software is akin to a one-time-investment. It will ensure that in the event of data loss, you are prepared and recover the data within minutes. It’s safe and 100% reliable.  If you are still not sure about the software, you are free to use the trial version of the software.

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