Stellar Data Recovery Ensures Your Private Information Stays Private

Have you ever thought what data is private and sensitive? Which data has to be extensively protected? And, have you ever considered the fact that if there is a breach of data, then what will be the outcome? This article tries to answer all these questions.

What is Data Breach?

Data Breach is a security incident. It is a situation where your confidential, private, sensitive, or protected data is being shared or traded for one’s benefit.

Let’s look at an example. Suppose, you apply for a loan wherein you coordinated with a bank representative online and shared your personal details such as your phone number, email address, date of birth, name, etc. He took every required detail and assured you of a loan within a stipulated time. However, within the next 24 hours, you are flooded with calls and emails from other banks offering you loans. This is a classic example of a data breach. As there is no legislative framework to safeguard your data, it is quite likely that your data shared with other financial institutions.

Before we delve into how we can safeguard our valuable data, let’s look at the various categories of personal data and why there is a need for Data Privacy.

What is personal data?

There are four broad categories of personal data. These are as follows:

  • Health data: This includes your medical history, genetic data, fitness data, etc.
  • Current Situation Living data: This includes your date of birth, email address, phone number, bank information, etc.
  • Professional and Academic data: This includes where you work, your position, grades, assessments, certificates, etc.
  • Subjective as well as private life data: It includes your IP address, geo-tracking detail, photos, etc.

What is Data Privacy & Why Is It Needed?

We live in a modern era as well as an increasingly networked world where digital devices play a significant role. These digital devices have made our lives easier as well as comfortable. Each second, an individual’s data is being generated, be it at work, while surfing online, buying goods and services, and much more.

In short, we can say that in the near future, Data will be an integral source of immense social and economic value. Thereby, to safeguard this data from unauthorized access, data privacy is a must.

Your personal information is your identity. Let us look at how we can keep our data secure.

How can you keep Data Private at your Level?

  • Mark your Unique Online Presence: It can be done easily by setting security and privacy settings on any one service or device that you used for information sharing.
  • Clean up your machine: It is another simple way. For keeping your machine clean, you just need to ensure that your web browser, security software and operating system are updated and free from online threats, malware, and viruses.
  • Login LockDown: For this, you simply have to lock your account with strong authentication tool. It can be a unique one-time code, biometrics, or a security key. Simply protecting your data using passwords is not enough.

How can you ensure your Private Data is Private at Organizational Level?

By checking whether a particular project or task requires your personal information or not. In case it is required, then to what extent, how will it affect you, and what will the organization do with it when a project wraps up.

By looking into what aspects of your information will be shared publically.

How Stellar Data Recovery Helps To Maintain Privacy of Individual Data

1- Follows Data Encryption During The Recovery Process
Stellar Data Recovery as a leading Data Recovery services provider ensures the security of Consumers’ data during the data recovery process. Therefore, your credentials, business-critical data, or any other piece of sensitive information protected during recovery by exercising various Data safety practices. One such practice is Encryption, which ensures the confidentiality of your data. Here, it translates the data into a secret code and makes it digitally confidential using high-level algorithms. For reading this ciphertext, an individual or the group in question provided with an access key or password.

Stellar Remote Recovery Services

Stellar is committed to data recovery needs across the country during the COVID-19 crisis. In continuation of our commitment to data care services and to ensure data loss does not hamper businesses or individuals, Stellar will be operating online and provide remote data recovery services.

We are available on Chat, Phone and Email.

During recovery, all that the technician would see on the screen would be hex values, which is bits of information 0 and 1, instead of files and folders. Therefore, private information stays safe and confidential.

2 – Deploys Latest Technology
We are the only focused Indian Data Recovery organization with more than 23+ years of expertise in this niche.  All our data recovery software and services enriched with cutting-edge technology to deliver you the best results for both industries and consumers. The innovative technology that we use for data recovery ensures minimum manual intervention.  For us, the information shared for recovery is in bits.

Thus, unauthorized persons can view or modify the data: hence, it is entirely safe and secure from unlicensed usage. We cater to data recovery from different Storage media and devices, RAID servers, SSDs, and all types of hard disks.

3 – Usage of Biometric Controls
We value the importance of your data. We follow industry best practices to maintain the integrity of the hard drive or any removable media shared with us for recovery. We have an ISO Certified state-of-the-art infrastructure Class 100 Clean Room Lab – a controlled environment devoid of dust particles and other contaminants – where we perform the data recovery process. Here only the authorized technicians can visit. To maintain this integrity, we use Biometric Control, as it is a stronger authentication method in comparison to key, PINs, and cards. The usage of Biometric Control makes the data recovery lab safe and secure by giving access to only authorized technicians and protecting it from unauthorized access.

 4 – ISMS Compliant
In compliance with the “Information Security Management System, We ensure 100% authenticity of your assets and information.  Stellar Data Recovery follows industry best practices to prevent information security compromise and preserve— ‘Confidentiality,’ ‘Integrity,’ and ‘Availability.’

The following are the protocols that we adhere to for achieving Information Security:

  • Non-permission of USB hard disks, pen drives, CDs, personal laptops, and camera within the vicinity.
  • We do not leave critical paperwork of the organization or the clients in the open. We keep it safe and secure.
  • We do not carry sensitive information beyond the organization’s vicinity unless permitted.
  • We do not use personally owned processors for enterprise business.

Follow Industry Best Practices to Collect, Use, and Consume Personal Information

We understand how sensitive data integrity is. Therefore, to preserve it, we take all reasonable safety measures. We practice industry best practices to collect your personal information. All the information that we have procured through the following ways from consumers, suppliers, employees, or potential clients:

  • Through survey
  • When they use our product or request service
  • When they communicate with us via telephone, email, or in-person
  • When we get services or goods
  • When an employee joins us through the selection process and staff recruitment

This personal information collected only for business functions or activities. All these information obtained in the lawful and non-intrusive manner, and it complies with applicable industry codes and regulatory guidelines.

Data Destruction:
We understand that your data is critical. Therefore, we recover it safely assuring that it is not misused.  When we no longer require it, we erase it completely using our flagship software, BitRaser, which is back by advanced technology. Using it, we remove all the data from the server once we hand it over to the customer. This builds and strengthens trust with them as we ensure that the data destroyed permanently.

We at Stellar Data Recovery safeguard your data, respect your privacy, and maintains your trust by following the below measures:

  • We protect customers’ data by following rational security measures.
  • We follow guidelines on collect, use, and sharing of information.
  • We clearly communicate the data usage practices to our customers.


Data Privacy is essential for both individuals and Enterprises. Presently, there are several service providers for Data Recovery and Data Erasure; however, when choosing one, ensure that they are certified service providers, else both your data and reputation would be at stake. Being a recognized name in Data Recovery, Data Migration, and Data Erasure, with 23+ years’ of industry expertise, we at Stellar Data Recovery follow standard practices and have a competent team of knowledge-driven professionals, who adhere to strict policies to ensure that privacy of your data is maintained.


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