Data Recovery Service vs Data Recovery Software

Summary: Losing data is not new; you can lose data from your data storage device in many different ways. But the question arises on how to recover lost data. The answer to the question is simple, either take a professional data recovery service or data recovery software.

Initially, both may seem similar as they perform the same task of data recovery. But there is a lot of difference between the two approaches. The choice of one over the other approach depends upon knowing what each can do. And which one is better from the perspective of an individual and an organization.

The following table compares and contrasts the two data recovery solutions available in the market. Which can help in making an informed decision.

Data Recovery Service or Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery ServiceData Recovery Software
Caters to both logical & physical damage of storage device.Caters only to logical damage of storage device.
Can handle the physical damage case of busted parts as well as water damage to the storage device; all from the logical case.Can handle the logical damage case of deletion, formatting, lost-partition, or corruption of storage device.
Is high-priced due to the need for physical diagnosis and repair of individual storage medium using replacement parts, class 100 clean room lab, expert staffs, and advanced data recovery tools & technology.Is low-priced due to the need of one time software development spend on each version, low overhead required to make available downloadable executable file via Internet, and easy sending of license key via email.
One time data recovery for the storage device.Unlimited data recovery within the license period.
Is useful to recover critical data whose loss can create impact on the life of an individual or business, therefore must be tackled by experts who increase the chances of recovery as much as possible.Is useful to recover moderately important data, because losing a few irretrievable files due to the presence of bad sectors or overwriting won’t harm, therefore can be performed at users end easily.
Is onsite and therefore needs to be taken or sent to the recovery center.Is offsite and can be performed at the comfort of user’s home or office.
Is non-risky, accurate, efficient, reliable, and provides confidentiality & integrity of data.Is slightly risky as mediocre software can fail to scan and recover data.
Provides additional benefits such as free pickup and drop of the storage medium, no recovery no charge, and guaranteed recovery.Does not provide any such benefits, users are at their fortune of recovering their data using the data recovery software.

Free Data Recovery Software

Download the free version of stellar data recovery software, this free data recovery software allows user to recover up to 1 GB of data. Evaluate the software and upgrade to higher versions to enjoy unlimited data recovery.

recover deleted pictures

As the fundamental difference between data recovery service or data recovery software is clear to us, the key question that the customer needs to figure out is Which option to go for in case of data loss?”

Data loss is imminent no matter what!! Numerous reasons/causes or events can lead to data loss and that we often do not have any control over. But we have control over how to recover data and which of the above-mentioned options will provide optimal results. We receive multiple customers queries asking for suitable recovery software to recover data; customers believe data recovery software can do miracles without understanding the risk associated with using any random data recovery procedures. On the contrary, the software can work only on specific conditions (permanently deleted files, accidental deletion of data, formatting, etc.).

Watch the Video to know more about “how to recover deleted photos, videos & files”

The software may not be effective in severe cases like partition loss, physical damage, encryption, etc.

Our emphasis here is to make user fathom the concomitant risk of permanent data loss and evaluate data recovery methods consequently. To evaluate the risk associated with data recovery, Stellar has created a Data Loss risk calculator; using which users can gauge a better-suited option (service or software) for them.


The blog compares and contrasts data recovery service or data recovery software. Both the option has its merits and demerits. And the choice of one over the other depends upon your need, time, acumen, and budget. If there is logical damage to your storage device then use data recovery software to recover your lost data. If there is any physical damage to your storage device, can recover with the Stellar data recovery service.

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