Windows 11 PC Keeps Crashing

Summary: If your Windows 11 keeps crashing, you can troubleshoot the issue with the following methods, addressing common causes. Data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery Software can further help tackle data loss caused by frequent Windows 11 crashes.

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Unveiled on October 5, 2021, Windows 11 marks the next chapter after the beloved Windows 10 (2015). A thrilling evolution of the Windows OS, it delivers a wide array of enhancements and features.


But not without its fair share of pesky bugs.

And while the big brains at Microsoft have already solved a lot of them in the version updates, one common problem that doesn’t seem to go away is that Windows 11 keeps crashing.


Seeing a screen like the one above can be frustrating.

You are unable to get work done. And, of course, frequent crashes mean your data is at risk.

But help isn’t far. In this blog, we will walk you through

  1. Top reasons why Windows 11 keeps crashing
  2. How to fix Windows 11 crashing unexpectedly?
  3. Can I lose my data if Windows 11 Keeps Crashing?
  4. FAQs about Windows 11 crashing

Let’s dive right in.

Top Reasons Why Windows 11 Keeps Crashing?

Wondering “why does my PC keep crashing?

There can be several reasons for that. Some common ones include:

  • Incompatibilities or errors in device drivers and third-party applications 
  • Problems with your storage drive (HDD/SSD) or RAM 
  • A virus or malware infection 
  • Overheating due to inadequate cooling or power supply issues
  • Damage to essential system files or the Windows registry
  • Running outdated drivers 
  • Certain system updates that may introduce bugs
  • Broken or corrupted system files
  • Hardware components that are malfunctioning 
  • PC incompatibility with Windows 11 requirements
  • Overclocked CPU, GPU, RAM
  • Applications conflicting with core system processes, leading to crashes.

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Based on what is the exact reason why Windows 11 keeps crashing, you can try to tackle the core issue.

You can identify the issue by checking the crash log.

1: Press Win + X and select “Event Viewer.”

2: In the Event Viewer, navigate to “Windows Logs” and select “System.”

3: Look for error or critical events that correspond to the times when your computer  crashed. These logs may provide more information about the issue.

If you can’t identify what’s wrong and are still wondering ‘why does my PC keep crashing’, try the following fixes and see which one works for you.

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How to fix Windows 11 Keeps Crashing unexpectedly?

Method 1: Check for Updates

Keeping your Windows 11 updated is essential as Microsoft may have released a version update addressing the bug causing Windows 11 to keep crashing.

Here’s how you can check for updates:

1: Open the Start menu.

2: Click on Settings

3: Select “Updates and Security”

Windows 11 Keeps Crashing

4: Click on “Check for updates” 

If updates are found, click “Download and install,” and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Method 2: Check for Malware

If you regularly use the Internet without antivirus, your PC could be affected by malware.

1: Install and open a reliable antivirus or antimalware software (e.g., Windows Security).

2: Perform a full system scan to check for malware or viruses.

If any threats are detected, follow the software’s instructions to remove or quarantine them.

Method 3: Run DISM and SFC Scan

1: Type “Command Prompt” in the search bar in the task bar

2: Right-click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator.”

3: In the command prompt, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.


Let the System File Checker scan and repair system files.

After SFC is complete,

4: Type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and press Enter

5: Allow the Deployment Image Service Management Tool to run and repair the Windows image.

Method 4: Perform a Clean Boot

1: Press Win + R, type “msconfig” and press Enter to open the System Configuration utility.


2: In the “General” tab, check the box next to “Selective startup.”


3: Uncheck the box next to “Load startup items.”

4: Go to the “Services” tab, check the box that says “Hide all Microsoft services.”

Windows 11 Keeps Crashing

5: Click “Disable all” to disable all non-Microsoft services.

6: Click “Apply” and then “OK.”

7: Restart your computer.

Method 5: Fix Overheating Issue

If you notice that your PC is overheating while Windows 11 keeps crashing, try the following methods to solve the overheating problem:

  • Clean dust and debris from your PC’s parts
  • Place your laptop on a hard, flat surface to ensure proper airflow.
  • Check your system’s cooling fans for dust and clean them if necessary.
  • Adjust your power settings to prevent overheating. Go to “Settings” > “System” > “Power & sleep” and modify your power plan settings to “Balanced” or “Power Saver.”

Method 6: Update Graphics Driver

1: Press Windows key + X and select “Device Manager.”

Windows 11 Keeps Crashing

2: Expand the “Display adapters” section, right-click on your graphics card, and select “Update driver.”

Windows 11 Keeps Crashing

3: Choose “Search automatically for updated driver software” and follow the prompts to update your graphics driver.

Method 7: Reset PC to Factory Settings

1: Open “Settings” (Win + I).

2: Go to “Updates and Security” and select “Recovery.”

3: Under “Reset this PC,” click “Get started.”

Windows 11 Keeps Crashing

4: Choose between “Keep my files” or “Remove everything” (based on your preference).

Windows 11 Keeps Crashing

5: Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your PC.

Note: Backup your important data before proceeding.

Can I lose my data if Windows 11 Keeps Crashing?

Yes, if your Windows 11 keeps crashing, it can potentially lead to data loss.

Here’s how:

  • A crash during a read or write operation can result in data corruption. This can affect individual files, file systems, or even the entire storage device, making the data unreadable or partially damaged.
  • A system crash can sometimes lead to damage to the file system structure, making it difficult for the operating system to locate and access files. This can result in missing or inaccessible data.
  • A crash can potentially damage the hard drive or storage medium. If this happens, it can also lead to data loss.
  • If a system crash happens during a Windows update or software installation, it can cause incomplete updates or installations, which may lead to software-related data loss.

But do not panic.

Lost your data because Windows 11 keeps crashing?

You can use reliable data recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery.

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Stellar Data Recovery Software To Recover Lost Data- Windows 11 Keeps Crashing

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows is a robust data recovery software. Its various features and multiple editions make it the ultimate solution for retrieving lost data in various scenarios.

The key features of Stellar Data Recovery for Windows include

  • Data recovery from various storage devices, including HDD, SSD, and USB drives.
  • Data recovery from a wide range of file types, from photos and videos to emails and documents.
  • Data recovery from formatted drives, lost partitions, and unbootable systems.
  • Use of disk imaging to recover data even from drives with bad sectors through disk imaging.

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Stellar Data Recovery software comes in the following editions to meet your diverse data recovery needs:

  • Stellar Data Recovery Professional
  • Stellar Data Recovery Premium
  • Stellar Data Recovery Technician, and
  • Stellar Data Recovery Toolkit.

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Once you download Stellar Data Recovery, follow the steps mentioned below to recover your lost data:


Get a free Stellar Data Recovery download to scan and preview your lost files now.

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FAQs- Windows 11 Keeps Crashing

1. How do I know if hardware issues are causing Windows 11 to crash?

To check if your computer’s hardware is the issue:

  • You can run tests on your hardware, like memory or CPU tests. 
  • Keep an eye on the temperature of your computer. If it gets too hot, it can cause crashes. 

2. What can happen if Windows 11 keeps crashing?

When Windows 11 keeps crashing, it can lead to problems like losing your files, making your computer unstable, or affecting the hardware.

3. What should I do if Windows 11 crashes when I’m using specific apps?

If Windows 11 crashes when you use certain apps, start by updating those apps and also updating your device drivers.

If the problem continues, try running the app in compatibility mode or as an administrator. 

You can also look at the event logs to find errors related to that app, which can help you troubleshoot the issue.

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