How to Recover Data From LaCie External Hard Drive? [SOLVED]

LaCie hard drive are a real asset to those who want to maintain backups. Not everyone needs a 20 TB home NAS system. One TB would be more than enough for several decades of tax returns, insurance documents, and your treasured collection of downloaded tracks from Slipknot and Metallica.

LaCie hard drive from Seagate has long been the Rolls Royce of external hard drives. They cost a pretty penny, but it is worth everyone. LaCie hard drive is not a manufacturer. They are to Seagate what Shelby is to Corvette—an aftermarket version. But LaCie hard drives do fail. They might be the best, but they are subject to the laws of physics.

In this article, we look at:

What Makes LaCie Hard Drive So Good?

LaCie external hard drive is known for its rugged build quality. It looks as if it can survive a bulldozer.

LaCie hard drive

They are used by pros, such as photographers and famed YouTubers, because of their dependability. Of course, naysayers would always say that it is nothing more than hype, but the truth is different. Most of the LaCie drives have an orange bumper around them. It protects the hard drive from failing because of a fall. Available in 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB versions, LaCie has USB 3 and offers speeds up to 5 Gbits per second.

Reasons for LaCie Hard Drive Failure:

A. Logical loss of data

In these cases, the data is still there. But it can’t be located. This is like your house with the address plate removed.

  • Wrong File Deletion

Data is lost due to human error more often than we would like to admit. Deleting a file by mistake happens to all of us.  The biggest problem is that files deleted from external hard drives do not go through the Recycle Bin. One wrong click and an entire folder are gone.

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  • Wrong partition deletion

You are toying around with the hard drive and trying to create and format a new partition. All of a sudden, you lose the existing data because you merged volumes without understanding the nuances of it.

  • Accidental formatting

The same applies to accidental formatting. From This PC you want to format a 1 TB SanDisk USB drive but end up formatting a 1 TB LaCie external hard drive.

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  • File Table Problems

The file table tells the OS where to look for a file. If the file table is corrupted, it is impossible to know which file is located in which sector.

  • Malware Intrusion 

Malware can corrupt files on a hard drive in a jiffy. They can cause havoc by deleting the file table or removing easy access to it.

B. Physical loss of data

LaCie hard drive- You can also opt. for Stellar Hard Drive Services, stellar offers a class 100 clean room lab that is a mandatory requirement for opening any kind of hard drive.

Stellar services

Physical loss happens when the structure of the hard drive is damaged in some way.

Why Stellar is the Most Prominent Brand For Data Recovery?

  • Backed up by ISO 9001:2015 enterprise with millions of satisfied clients including MNCs.
  • Offices in 14 Indian cities and 24×6 support by call and email.
  • Expert engineers advise you to recover data in any situation.
  • Five-star rating on Trust pilot and 4.6 rating on Google. Globally trusted product.

Stellar rating

  • Can recover files of any type—documents, images, and media.
  • Offers 1 GB free of cost. Be sure before you buy the licence.
  • Highly affordable and free upgrades each year.
  • Can recover data from encrypted drives.
  • Shows enhanced file preview, deep scan, and save scan features.

These are the most obvious reasons:

  1. The motor is not working at the proper speed
  2. The read-write arm is damaged
  3. The platter is scratched
  4. The controller circuit boards have burnt out
  5. Dust or moisture incursion
  6. The hard drive was dropped from a great height

How to Recover Files From Lacie External Hard Drive?

  • Use CHKDSK Utility

Windows comes with its own hard drive fixing tool known as CHKDSK.

1. To access the tool type CMD at the Start bar.

2. Right-click and Run as administrator.

3. At the CMD prompt type CHKDSK <drive letter>: /f

Such as CHKDSK E: /f

4. The /f command fixes the file system and attempts to recover the hard drive

5. Similar to it is CHKDSK <drive letter>: /r

Where /r stands for repair. /f isolates the corrupt files and /r repairs them.

6. You can stack the commands such as CHDSK E: /f /r

Lacie External Hard Drive

7. Remember that the CHKDSK command takes time to get executed. The time depends on the number of files on your LaCie hard drive. Give it an hour or two and do not switch it off in between.

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  • Uninstall and Reinstall Driver

The LaCie external hard disk connects to the PC through a USB.

1. Open Control Panel > Hardware and Sound >

2. Click on Device Manager

LaCie hard drive

3. Right-click on Portable Devices (or Disk Drives)

4. Select Properties > Driver

5. Click on Uninstall Device

LaCie hard drive

6. Next, reboot the PC and the driver should reinstall.

Check if the LaCie external hard drive works.

Use Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows – The Easiest LaCie Data Recovery Software

If these steps do not work for you, use Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows. It is a versatile software that has been designed and developed in India by Stellar, an enterprise with 30+ years of experience in data recovery. Stellar Data Recovery Software can retrieve data from an external hard drive with 100% precision. Do not worry that data would be lost.

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How to use Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows

It is very easy to use this tool and does not need you to have any technical knowledge.

1. Download the software and install it.

Stellar Download

2. Open the software and the GUI would guide you through each step.

3. You can opt to recover specific types of files (e.g. images) or choose All Files.

Stellar Data Recovery Software 1

4. Select the location from where the data has been deleted (e.g. E partition).

Stellar Data Recovery Software

5. Scan the location for the missing files.

6. If you don’t see the ones you want, enable Deep Scan.

Deep Scan- Stellar

7. At the end of the scan, you can Preview the data.


8. Choose what you want to save using the hard drive recovery software.

9. Choose the location to save the data.

Recover what you need.

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To Sum It Up…

The Stellar hard drive recovery software is reliable and fast. It works with every version of Windows from 7 onwards. We hope this article answers how to retrieve data from a LaCie hard drive.

Data loss can be harsh. Do not worry and never try out amateur advice from the internet. Call us and we shall guide you through every step.

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