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Hard drive failure is one of the most vexatious problems faced by computer users. It usually happens at the time of booting and you suddenly find there is no way to access your emails, media, and important business documents. The only solution is to use Windows data recovery software.

The most well known are:

  • Stellar Data Recovery Software
  • iBeesoft Data Recovery
  • AnyRecover
  • Wondershare Recoverit
  • System Mechanic Ultimate Defence
  • Tenorshare 4DDiG Data Recovery
  • AnyRecover
  • Advanced Disk Recovery
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • R-Studio Data Recovery Software

Stellar Data Recovery is a top-notch windows data  recovery software that is made in India.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows

Exclusive Offer- Enjoy Unlimited Data Recovery for 1 Month @ ₹3,999

  • Get Instant Key
  • Get Service Coupon worth ₹ 1,500
  • Free Technical support

Why is it the Best Data Recovery Software for Indian users?

  • Stellar is designed in India by a team of experienced engineers.
  • We are present in 14 Indian cities.
  • Customer care is accessible every day except Sunday.
  • Available at a very affordable price point for Indian customers.
  • Pay in ₹ and not dollars.

Comparsion of Top Data Recovery Software

Stellar Data Recovery
Stellar Data Recovery

What Makes Stellar Data Recovery Software Standout?

  • Made In India 
  • Discounts on Software licenses 
  • Discount Coupon for Data Recovery Services
  • No Automatic Renewal

Must-Have Features in a Data Recovery Software

 1. Able to reconstruct all file types 

Most users have hundreds of file types on their desktop and laptop hard drives, external hard drives and pen drives, memory cards, SSD drives, SD cards, etc.

Your data recovery software must support all file  types. Stellar Data Recovery Software supports more than 300 file types, and supports adding and editing custom file types

Besides these general file types, there are specialised files, e.g. PST (Outlook Data File), HTML (web browser pages), and AI (Adobe Illustrator vector files).

A hard disk recovery software has to be able to work with all of these and piece together the file from the remaining information.

Most free Windows data recovery software can only recover documents and PDFs. Not so with Stellar Data Recovery. It is robust and can do what is needed when needed.

2. Works with different file systems

Files exist on a file system. The file system tells an OS about the data stored in the disk, where one file ends and another begins, the hierarchy of directories and file metadata.  The commonly used systems are NTFS, FAT 16, FAT 32, and exFAT. From the time of Windows Vista (2007), the NTFS file system has become more popular.

That is not to say that FAT 16 and 32 are no longer in use. Legacy hardware does use these two file systems.  Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software can retrieve information from any type of Windows partition.

3. Offers support for multiple storage device types

Data is stored on various devices. These include hard disks (rotating platter and solid-state), USB drives, camera memory cards, and much more. The devices can also be classified with their interface technology into PATA, SATA, SAS, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB C, Micro USB, and more. When you use Stellar Data Recovery, there is no need to worry about device support. You could easily recover data from any type of storage unit.

4. Compatible with all Windows versions

Stellar Data Recovery Software works flawlessly with every type of OS, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 & 7. The extensive compatibility with hardware and operating system makes it the numero uno hard disk recovery software.

5. Ease of Use

The user has to run the EXE file and insert the licence key. Thereafter, the process is easy. Stellar Data Recovery will ask what file types to scan for. There is also an option to recover everything.  After that, it is a matter of time before the files are restored and saved to a directory.

6. Most Affordable

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the most affordable among similar software. A licence for a premium version is priced at ₹3000. In exchange, you have access to the best DIY data recovery software in the world.

Why is Stellar Data Recovery the best?

1. Retrieve data in 3 steps

  • Install the EXE file and run the program.

Free Download Free Download 100% Secure

  • The data recovery tool takes care of the rest.
  • All that a user has to do is provide information about the file types to retrieve. The rest happens automatically.

Stellar Data Recovery Software is the most user-friendly windows data recovery software.

2. Retrieve any type of data

Some file recovery tools work only with documents. They are excellent at putting together PDF and DOCX files, but can’t repair MP4 files.  That does not help at all. Stellar Data Recovery Software puts your music library back in place as well as your office email. It is versatile, robust, and works with any file type—docs, media, and application-based.

3. Retrieve data from formatted drive

Have you ever formatted the wrong USB drive in error? It is painful and can cause your work schedule to be set back by weeks. No more worries with the best free Windows data recovery software. Stellar Data Recovery Software can piece together information from a formatted drive. Simply scan it and save the data in a new folder.

4. Retrieve data encrypted by BitLocker

BitLocker is a free encryption tool included with Microsoft Windows from Vista onwards. Do you have a hard drive with BitLocker encryption? Simply provide the key and Stellar Data Recovery would recover the information.

5. Downloadable Free version

Do you want to test if Stellar Data Recovery Software works? Maybe you would like to understand a bit more about its user interface.

A completely free version is available for download.

Stellar Windows data recovery software free download allows you 1 GB of data recovery for free. Most of the premium features such as recovery from BitLocker encryption are available in the free version too. You could even use it to repair media files.

Free Download Free Download 100% Secure

The paid versions have 1-month and 1-year subscriptions. Pay for what you need and not a dime more.

6. Can Create Bootable USB

Your laptop crashed. The C drive won’t allow the machine to boot. The data is safe and secure in D and E drives, but you have no access to it.

Stellar Data Recovery Software lets you create a bootable USB drive so that you can migrate valuable data to another device or an external hard drive.

7. Supports Dual Monitor Setup

Dual monitor support lets you work faster. There is no need to shift from window to window. Keep them all maximised and use dual screens to sort through thousands of files on your hard drive quickly.

Watch the video on How To Recover Deleted Files With Stellar Data Revoery?

To Sum it up

Stellar Data Recovery is the best Windows data recovery software. It is easy to use and has advanced features meant for professionals. It can even read data from drones and CCTV. We recommend you use Stellar Data Recovery software for recovering lost data.

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