How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files And Folders ?

Well, there is surely no way to escape the situation of data loss. When you accidentally lose the files and folders on your computer, it is advisable that you maintain your calm. Looking for ways to recover accidentally deleted files and folders from PC is the ultimate option! In this ever-changing and fast evolving IT and digital era, data loss has happened to surface as a most common occurrence. Given the fact that not just the organizations or professionals, but even as an individual, you are highly dependent on your Windows PC, or smartphone than hand-written material to store your data be it media files or documents.

Data loss from your PC can be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Corrupted/crashed hard drive.
  • Virus/malware attack.
  • Voltage fluctuations, or power failures.
  • Accidental formatting/deletion.

In this article, we would be discussing at length about how to recover accidentally deleted files and folders from your PC. Let us begin with explaining to you how does accidental deletion of the data happen in the first place. When you are cleaning up your system or planning to delete a specific file or folder from your computer but mistakenly press shift+delete instead of delete. This attempt is wrong and ends up deleting that file/folder permanently rather than just removing it from a particular location. Hence, the chances of recovering the lost data are the least.

And just so you know, you are not alone but a majority of the users have got themselves trapped into such accidental data loss situations. Yes, you can attempt to recover the files through the Backup but that is only possible if you are regularly maintaining your PC – backing up your critical data on a routine basis. Or else, there’s no scope of recovery unless you approach a trusted data recovery service provider to your rescue.

Stop scratching your head, or cursing your luck, we have got you the finest data recovery solutions that can help you recover accidentally deleted multimedia files and documents including Excel, Word, PDF, MS Office file recovery. Restoration of the files/folders from the previous versions and history are the two most common methods. However, they are not as successful a method and might as well make you spend ample of your time on the recovery.

What are the best ways to recover deleted files and folders from PC?

Professional Data Recovery Software on your system. That’s true. Data recovery utilities have turned out to be one of the most efficient yet cost-effective data recovery solutions. They are mostly known for their customizable and user-friendly interface, design, fast processing, data recovery. Certainly, these tools are a DIY alternative to resolve the user’s deleted folder recovery pursuit. However, not just any data recovery software can aid you in your loss. You have to filter the options and choose the best software to recover the files.

That said, the data recovery utilities can only work in the scenarios pertaining to logical damage. If at all you have happened to crash the hard drive of your computer due to a physical damage, or are not very comfortable with the idea of using a software, consulting the professional data recovery service providers can help you get through the situation in a jiffy.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software  

An excellent escape for the beginners and non-technical users, Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software comes with smart (advanced and user-friendly) features to let you restore all your data from the hard drive that is logically damaged. Trusted by 2+ million satisfied customers, this tool is robust and the best option to recover accidentally deleted files of different formats and type such as documents, emails, videos, audios, and photos.

Here are the top four features this very software boasts of:

  • Recovering lost data from inaccessible hard drives/SD card/Memory card etc. – corrupted/formatted/virus infected drives.
  • Performing recovery of office documents, presentations, and archived files.
  • Retrieving multiple file types from various storage devices.
  • Guaranteeing 100% accurate, reliable, and safe data recovery.
  • Offering the users a Free version that recovers data upto 1 GB

Stellar Data Recovery Service for complex data recovery operations

You can make the most out of the premium data recovery software but if your hard drive has incurred a physical damage, only a professional can help you fix it. Data loss can happen due to many reasons and many-a-times, the damage done to a hard drive is external that causes its internal components to crash or bear through the burden.

And you can’t open the hard drive and fix it on your own since it’s a scientific process that should not be undertaken in a normal environment that contains 35,000,000 particles that make the drive more prone to damage. Trying to recover the data from a damaged hard drive in a PC can even make you lose the data forever.

Hard drives when damaged need professional assistance and mandatory controlled environment to restrict dust particles, and humidity levels. At Stellar, the data recovery experts carry out the physical data recovery operations of the impacted hard drives in Class 100 Clean Room environment to ensure maximum safety, recovery, and security of your data.


Data loss is situation can cause extreme troubles to individuals or organizations. Although many of the users prefer taking a backup of all their crucial files/folders on a regular basis, the rest fail to do it which ultimately leads to data corruption/deletion. The idea here is to make you aware of the robust data recovery options that can help you recover the deleted files and folders up to 100 percent.

Stellar is a pioneer in data loss recovery because of its safe, secure, reliable, and cost-effective data recovery software and professional services.  We help you recover your accidentally deleted data of different formats from nearly all storage devices whether internal or external.

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