Data Privacy – We take care of your data at time of Data Recovery

Data loss is the most common concern in the present digitized era. To avoid it and ensure protection against the same, most of you including me practice industry best practices. But, still, this unforeseen action knocks the door unknowingly and ends up causing data loss. To combat its adverse effects, you need recovery.

When it comes to data recovery, the only word that stops all from stepping ahead with the most respected recovery programs is “anonymous”. But, have you ever thought why? Maybe yes or maybe not!

No worries! Perhaps, your answer is similar to others — Data Privacy. Fortunately, this is good to know that you value your privacy a lot and does not want to come into the mainstream due to the data leak.

But, don’t you think so, it is stopping you from recovering your valued data?

Yes! Don’t fear. Stellar Data Recovery is your companion! The crown of 2 Million+ Satisfied Customer is a testimony to this award-winning Enterprise. We take care of your data as well as its privacy at the time of data recovery. The best point to consider here is we ensure confidentiality from scratch to final dispatch.

Here is how we help you to maintain data privacy and security from Lost Storage Media Collection to Recovered Data and Drive Delivery.

Getting Started Data Privacy and Security

Initial Stage: Storage Media Pick Up

Though our pickup service is free doorstep, yet it is entirely secure. We thoroughly understand the fact that how sensitive data storage media devices are to impact damage or electrostatic discharge. Therefore, we make sure that your hard disk or storage media are appropriately packed (air-inflated bag or anti-static bag) during transit.

Second Stage: Storage Media Handling at Our Premises

Each member of our Enterprise is well-versed with Data Integrity & Importance and to maintain the same we follow industry best norms.  We have specialised room to keep these storage media devices. The point to consider here is no unauthorised user can access it thus, no Data privacy and security issue.

Third Stage: Storage Media Recovery

One of the key stage. For this, we rely only on a few practices. These are:

  • Proprietary Tools: For us, your privacy matters a lot. Therefore, we don’t let any third-party to impact it. Our specialist banks upon our self-designed tools to avoid any inconvenience. Our R & D personnel understands the fact how technology is evolving. Therefore, they not only strict to the usage of secure deployment technology but also uses the latest & cutting-edge.  Moving forward, the team also ensures to bank upon the skill that demands minimal manual intervention.
  • Media Recovery in Lab: Several scenarios are that demands serious consideration. We understand this fact and therefore handle all such conditions in our specialized lab, which is ISO certified. Here, our recovery technicians cater desired process like cloning, head-pointer transit, etc. This state-of-the-art infrastructure Class 100 Clean Room Lab is known for a controlled environment, i.e. devoid of all types of contaminants like dust particles.

Another unique feature of this ISO Certified room is the authentication method—Bio-metrics. This privacy control measure is far ahead than PINs, key, and Cards. Adding more, it ensures entry of only authorized technicians.


Fourth Stage: Recovered Data Delivery

Just like recovery, delivery is another crucial step. During this paramount phase, we also work closely with you and lets you verify your data with great ease. On your verification, we thoroughly pack your storage media and deliver both your shared drive & data with utmost convenience.

Fifth Stage: Data Destruction from Our Premises

In the end, we erase it completely using our flagship Data Erasure software—BitRaser, which leaves no scope for recovery.

Note: The key point is we keep your recovered data for 10 days with us after recovery before deletion to avoid unforeseen issues.

Bonus Point: Information Security Management System Compliance

We are ISMS compliant. Therefore, each member of our organisation also adheres to the following protocols.

  • Don’t carry sensitive data outside the administration’s locality unless allowed.
  • Make sure not to trust personally owned processors for Enterprise purposes.
  • Say No to leave any critical information of both the client and organisation in an open environment.
  • A Big No to personal laptops, CDs, USB Hard Disks, Cameras, Mobiles and Pen Drives usage within the premises.

In Summation

Data Privacy and Security is a paramount key consideration of today’s digitized era. To maintain the same especially in case of Recovery, you need to rely only on Certified Service Provider that ensures recovery with 0% compromise issue.

Lastly, when an urge for secure, robust, and reputable service provider arises, Stellar Data Recovery is a sure-shot bet.


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