Why to Choose Stellar for all your Data Recovery Needs?

Summary: As in the time of adversity we need someone on whom we can bank upon, similarly, in the event of data recovery, we need a helping hand that can restore all our important data without compromising the integrity.

Importance of Data: Stellar Data Recovery Services

We know the importance of data. Irrespective of what our interests are or which organisation we work for, we certainly have come across how data is changing the face of our world. It might be collecting precious moments, creating business strategies, setting business goals, videos, podcasts etc. Data in all its guises is consumed by us on a daily basis.

When it comes to business, being in the competitive market is the primary objective coupled with other things and is it imperative to make the best decisions for their growth.

With reliance on data is more than ever. Therefore, there is an increasing concern about data recovery services. Data recovery process always has this notion that their data is safe and secure and that they have the best possible tactics at their disposal.

Stellar Remote Recovery Services

Stellar is committed to data recovery needs across the country during the COVID-19 crisis. In continuation of our commitment to data care services and to ensure data loss does not hamper businesses or individuals, Stellar will be operating online and provide remote data recovery services.

We are available on Chat, Phone and Email.

Do you need Data Recovery Services?

We live in a digitally networked world where we are just a few clicks away from having access to anything. It has made our lives comfortable, isn’t it? Each second, we are surrounded by data. Each second, our data is generated.

Data has become an integral part of our lives; thus, it is mandatory to safeguard it and to prevent any unauthorised access. Also, unintentional deletion or formatting and logical errors can’t be simply avoided.

As data loss is an inevitable process and we have nowhere to go in the wake of data loss, that’s when Stellar Data Recovery Services come into the picture.

Why is Stellar Data Recovery the ideal partner for you?

Professional Data Recovery services are what you need to recover your lost data and by “professional” we mean maintaining the integrity and data accuracy when recovering data.

Bestowed with high professionalism and effective data recovery solutions, Stellar Data Recovery is capable of recovering data in a consistent and unambiguous form. Since its inception in 1993, Stellar data recovery services have made advancement in the realm and has always set examples for others to follow.

We let our work speak for ourselves and having served more than 2 million customers, we have extended our reach across all geographies.

Why Stellar Data Recovery stands out apart?

Stellar Data Recovery is the leading data recovery service provider, no second thoughts to it; but, what is it that separates us from the crowd?

Started out with niche business operations and now the leading name in the field of data recovering services, let’s now delve into why should you choose Stellar?

How Stellar Data Recovery helps to recover your data?

With the expertise in recovering data from all types of storage media like Hard disk, laptop, RAID/SAN/NAS systems, emails, database, etc., Stellar Data Recovery services can recover your valuable data irrespective of the complexity of the problem. With the best-in-class tools coupled with adept professionals, we have a team that engaged in catering to reliable data recovery services.

Stellar Data Recovery’s USP:

  • ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2013 certified:

    Stellar is ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2013 certified. We have met all the requirements for standardisation and Quality Management System (QMS) and have always focused on delivering customer expectations and on information security management as well.

  • Microsoft Gold ISV Partner:

    We are a part of the Microsoft Partner Network and highly accredited independent technical support providers.

  • ISO Certified Class 100 Clean Room Lab:

    Another feather in its cap, Stellar is ISO Certified Class 100 Clean Room Lab. We have mandatory controlled environment necessary for physical recovery. We ensure no further damage to the crashed drive and ensure maximum possible data under a safe environment. It covered in more than 800 square feet area.

  • No Recovery, No Charge policy:

    We don’t charge you unless we successfully recover all your important data. If we are not able to recover your data, then you need you pay nothing, as simple as that?

  • Free Door Step Drive Pick Up:

    You don’t have to come to us to solve the issue; instead, we will come to your doorsteps pick up your storage media and deliver after the recovering process is complete.

  • Strong Presence in USA, Europe & Asia:

    We have experience in serving clientele from around the world. We have extended our reach and is still growing.

  • ISMS Compliant:

    Stellar Data Recovery implements set of policies and procedures to protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information. We follow the best practice to prevent information security compromise.


Final Thoughts

Data recovery is essential for both individuals and Enterprise perspective. Often choosing a reliable data recovery services provider is a strenuous task. Being the leading Data Recovery services provider, Stellar is a name you can bank upon without compromising on data privacy.


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