[Solution] : How to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive?

Losing data from your hard drive can be very difficult to deal with. Modern hard drives have a lot of storage capability and typically hold a significant amount of information. Like any other device, hard drives are susceptible to damage or failure which can lead to data loss.

But, the good thing is that there are ways to recover data from damaged hard drives. In this blog post, we will share a few methods to facilitate data recovery from damaged hard drives. But, before that, let’s first understand the symptoms that can help you pinpoint the exact nature of the damage.

How to identify damage in the hard drive?

The first step to understanding how to deal with data loss from hard drives is to identify the type and extent of damage, as follows:

  • Partial Data Loss: If you begin to notice that the files you saved before are no longer on your hard drive or that you are unable to open them, this is another indication of physical damage. One possibility is that your drive was infected by a virus and that your files are corrupt.
  • Slow performance: If it is taking longer than usual to access the folders and files on your drive, it’s a sign that your drive may be physically damaged.
  • No Sound: If you cannot hear any sound, it could mean that you are dealing with a dead drive.

Types of hard drive damage/failure

Broadly, there are 2 major categories of hard drive damage and failure, as follows:

Physical Damage

Physical damage occurs when the drive’s hardware is affected. Common reasons behind this are that the PCB board, head assembly, or platters of the disk drive could be damaged, leading to physical crash and data loss.

Logical Failure

When the hard drive stops functioning due to internal and software-related breakdown, it is termed as logical failure. If you are facing this type of damage, you will not be able to access the data within your hard drive and may even face trouble trying to access the device. Some possible reasons behind a logical failure are bad sectors, damaged file system, or faulty boot-loader codes.

What are the Causes of Hard Drive Damage

There can be many reasons behind the damage to hard drives. Some common reasons are

  • Exposure to dust and sunlight
  • Electrical or mechanical failure
  • Logical corruption
  • Negligent usage

Regardless of the type of damage, it is always recommended to consult a professional data recovery expert for your damaged hard drive recovery. This will ensure that you will get your data back in the quickest and most secure manner. Trying to resolve the issue on your own may lead to further damage or even permanent loss of data.

Preliminary Measures

In most cases, recovering data from a damaged hard drive is achievable. However, before taking your hard drive to a professional, some of the steps that you should follow to reduce the risk of permanent data loss are:

  • Stop using your hard drive the moment you notice signs of damage.
  • Turn off your computer to avoid further complications.
  • Connect your hard drive to a different PC or laptop to check if it is functioning.
  • Do not format your hard drive.
  • Check the hard drive for any visible signs of damage.
  • If a few files are still accessible on the drive, take a backup immediately.
  • Do not overwrite the existing data.

How to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive?

It is possible to recover data from a drive that has been through physical damage or logical failure. Here is how this can be done:

Logical Failure: To recover data from the logical failure of the hard drive, you can use Stellar Data Recovery software.

Physical Damage: To recover data from a physically damaged hard drive, the best solution is to take the hard drive to a professional data recovery service provider. It’s important to ascertain the service providers’ expertise and infrastructure to support successful data recovery.

To summarize
The best way to tackle data loss from a hard drive is to take its backup on your PC or another storage device. Even if your drive is damaged at some point in time, data loss or inaccessibility is reduced to a bare minimum since you already have a backup of your data.

However, despite taking preventive measures, if you still find yourself facing potential data loss, then Stellar can help you recover from all types of data loss situations concerning hard disk drives.

So, the next time when you will catch in a data loss situation, get in touch with the Stellar data recovery services team.

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