Professional Encrypted Data Recovery Services

In recent days, percentage of security threat attacks has increased. Every organization pays more attention towards security of data, as single data leak can cost millions to organization. Organizations use various methods to safeguard data or to keep it safe from unauthorized access. Data Encryption is one of the method used by various companies to provide protected shield to their data.

Data Encryption is a data security mechanism. By using data encryption software data can be encrypted into unreadable form. In order to encrypt data, these softwares use encryption algorithm and by using secret key converts data in to cipher text. Encrypted data can only be decrypted with the help of secret key. Only secret key can trigger the encryption algorithm and can convert encrypted data into original data. Various softwares like Safeguard, safeboot, credant, Pointsec, PGP, Windows encryption are available in the market to encrypt the data.

Some times while decrypting encrypted data people encounter some of the below mentioned error messages:

  1. Fatal exception error
  2. No secret key available
  3. Failed to decrypt
  4. Unable to parse file

When caught in above mentioned situation, people try to decrypt data by guessing secret key. Usage of wrong secret key for decryption can further encrypt the data and can make data recovery more difficult to decrypt it. Once you encounter the problem contact to encrypted data recovery experts.

Data recovery experts follow step by step procedure to recover data :

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Cloning
  3. Recovery

By following above mentioned steps Encrypted Data Recovery Experts recover the encrypted data and decrypt it to readable form. Encrypted data recovery experts thoroughly analyze the storage media and create sector by sector clone of effected media to ensure better safety of data. And carry out whole data recovery process in controlled environment of Class 100 Clean Room. So Don’t let your data at risk by trying it to recover by yourself. Leave it to trusted hands of Encrypted Data Recovery experts.

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