Guide to Fix a Corrupt H.265/ HEVC Video File

Summary: This post discusses the reasons for corruption in H.265 HEVC files. It also mentions the detailed process to fix corrupt, broken, distorted, or inaccessible H.265 HEVC videos by using an effective video repair software, Stellar Repair For Video.

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“I recorded an H.265 video using my Samsung NX1 camera. When I transferred it to the computer, the video did not play. Is my video file corrupt? How can I fix the corrupt H.265/ HEVC file?”

H.265 or High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) file is an Ultra High Definition (UHD) video file. This video file format is used in the latest high-end cameras, including Fujifilm GFX 100, Sony A7R IV, Canon EOS 5 DS, iPhone, iPad, Samsung NX1, Galaxy S9 Android, and Hikvision surveillance cameras, among others.

Sometimes, the H.265 or HEVC video files get corrupted due to a number of reasons. However, the good news is that you can easily repair corrupted HEVC/H.265 files. To repair a corrupt H.265 file, you need video repair software that supports the format. But before proceeding further, let’s take a look at the reasons behind H.265 video file corruption.

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Common Reasons for H.265 Video File Corruption

Here are some common reasons that may lead to corruption in HEVC/H.265 files:

  • The sudden system shut down while downloading, transferring, watching, or editing the HEVC video.
  • Interruption during HEVC video file transfer or download.
  • Issues during compression of the video file.
  • Operating system crash.
  • Virus or malware infection.
  • Corruption or bad sectors in the storage drive.
  • Physically damaged storage drive.

If the HEVC video file is corrupt, the only way to repair the video is by using advanced video repair software such as Stellar Repair for Video. However, before repairing the videos, you can check if the videos are unplayable due to compatibility issues.

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HEVC/H.265 Videos Unplayable due to Compatibility Issues

HEVC/H.265 is a relatively new video encoder format. Most devices and media players commonly support H.264, the predecessor of H.265.

For instance, HEVC/H.265 videos won’t play on Windows Media Player and you usually end up with a blank screen instead. To ascertain if it is a compatibility issue, try these methods to fix an unplayable H.265 video.

  1. Use H.265 Video Player

If your media player is not playing HEVC videos, it may be because of the absence of supporting codecs. Switch to a player that supports H.265 videos, such as VLC Media Player, File Viewer Plus, 5K Player, etc. Ensure to download the latest version of the player.

  1. Download H.265 Video Codecs

If you receive codec-related error messages (mentioned below), install H.265 video codec.

‘Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the required video codec is not installed on your computer.’

‘A codec is required to play this file.’

‘Missing 0xc00d5212 codec.’

‘Media Player encountered an error.’

You can download codec x265 or a codec pack containing HEVC codecs. Right codecs will let you play H.265/ HEVC videos on any device and player.

  1. Convert H.265 to H.264 format

If your device doesn’t support H.265 format, convert it to H.264 format by using video converters, such as Convertio, AnyConv, etc. It may not seem like a good idea in the beginning as your high-quality HEVC video may get compromised. But it’s a better choice than watching a video that is choppy, grainy, or with audio lags.

[Note]: Use a converter that is secure and malware protected.

If these methods don’t work, use an advanced H.265 video repair software to repair corrupt video files.

Fix H.265 HEVC Video File With A Video Repair Software

Stellar Repair for Video is an effective and reliable software that repairs corrupt H.265 videos without affecting the original file structure. It fixes corruption in the video header, frames, audio, and video slider. You can fix HEVC videos that are choppy, jerky, truncated, freeze at intervals, display a black screen, are out-of-sync, have audio lag, or have other playback issues.

The software can also fix H.265 videos displaying errors, such as ‘error code 0xc10100be’, ‘error loading media’, ‘file could not be played, etc. It can fix damaged HEVC videos shot from Galaxy S9 Android, Panasonic Lumix, Samsung NX1, Canon XF 705, iPhone, DJI, Hikvision CCTV, and other cameras.

Not only this powerful video repair software from Stellar can also repair corrupt MKV video files and is compatible enough to repair the MOV file index.

Key Features of the Software

  • Repairs unlimited 4K, H.265 videos.
  • Repairs multiple HEVC videos simultaneously (batch repair).
  • Works with popular video formats – MP4, MOV, MKV, etc.
  • Allows previewing the repaired file before saving.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac systems.
  • Also, fix error code 0xc00d36c4 in video files.

Steps to Fix H.265 Video File Corruption

1: Download and launch Stellar Repair for Video on your Windows PC or Mac.

Stellar Windows Free Download

Free Mac Download

2: Click Add file to upload the corrupt H.265 videos.

Fix H.265 HEVC Video File

3: Click Repair


4: Preview the repaired videos. Click Save Repaired Files to save them at the desired location.

H.265 HEVC Video File

In case you are facing a 0xc10100bf error in your video files and you’re looking forward to fixing this error, in that case, Stellar Repair for Video acts as a savior to fix the 0xc10100bf error in videos and relive your moments back!

Note: Free demo version of Stellar Repair for Video is only for evaluation. In order to save the repaired videos you need to have the activation key of stellar repair for video, which can be easily purchased either from the buy now page or from the get it now option from the software.

Tips to protect H.265 videos from corruption

  • Keep your device fully charged before initiating H.265 video editing, download, or transfer.
  • Ensure a stable internet connection during video transfer or download.
  • Don’t shoot H.265 videos on a camera with a low battery.
  • Use Class 10 or above speed cards to store HEVC videos.
  • Install antivirus on your computer.


If your H.265/HEVC videos are not playing properly, make sure to check if your media player is compatible. If the problem persists, opt for advanced video repair software such as Stellar Repair for Video to fix corrupt H.265 videos. The free version of the software lets you preview the repaired H.265 videos.

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1.  Synology photos do not support the playback of videos in HEVC format, how to fix the HEVC error?

Synology does have an addon on HEVC in its package center. This addon will enable HEVC videos playback.

2. What to do when the HEVC video not playing properly?

With the advent of HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) – also known as H.265 and MPEG-H, Part 2 – video compression standards have been pushed to a new level! Compared with its predecessor AVC (or H.264/MPEG-4 Part 10), it offers an impressive 25%-50% improvement in data size at equal quality levels, meaning bigger savings on bandwidth usage or higher image resolution for your movies & videos while still maintaining smooth streaming performance!

Despite its benefits, H.265 codec adoption is not as widespread compared to older technology like H.264 and can lead to playback issues on some devices or media players. If you’re facing difficulties playing back HEVC/H.265 video files, our top recommendation is to convert them into the more universally supported H.264 encoded MP4 format using an online converter – a simple solution that will ensure smooth playback!

3. How to Fix the HEVC Playback Issue in Windows 11/10?

Users running Windows 11 may experience an error message when attempting to play HEVC-encoded video files. To ensure smooth playback of these multimedia contents, it is necessary to install the missing codec: The HEVC Video Extensions from Microsoft Store. It’s also worth checking if the file being played has become corrupted or can be run on other media players such as VLC Player before leaping into this resolution step.

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