How to Recover Deleted Files from External Hard Drive for Free?

Summary: You may lose files or other data from an external hard drive due to various reasons. Irrespective of the reason for data loss, your main concern is how to recover deleted files from External hard drive for free. In this post, we’ll discuss the best way to recover lost files from the external hard drive for free, i.e., by using a free data recovery tool.

Case 1. I used my external hard drive to back up my important files. The hard drive is now infected by virus and I am unable to access my data on it. Is there a way to recover deleted files from external hard drive for free?

Case 2. I have accidentally deleted some crucial files from my external hard drive. I want to recover those deleted files. Is there any free data recovery software for external hard drive?

If you are in a similar data loss situation and want to recover the lost data for free, then download the free software and take the leverage to recover lost files from external hard drives for free.

free data recovery software

You may lose files from your external hard drive due to deletion, formatting, drive corruption, malware intrusion, bad sectors, etc. However, you can recover the lost files and other data for free by using an effective and trusted data recovery tool such as Stellar Data Recovery software. You just need to install the free data recovery software on a Windows system and follow some simple steps to recover your lost files from the external hard drive for free.

Why You Should Choose Stellar’s Free Data Recovery Software?

Stellar Data Recovery India is a trusted data recovery brand which offers the basic version of its data recovery software for free. The software supports recovery of files from external HDD and all other Windows-based devices. This free data recovery tool is 100% safe and effective. Its powerful scan engine helps you recover data, even if your external drive is severely corrupted or turned RAW.


Here are some of its unique features:

  • Recovery of Any Type of File: The software can virtually recover any type of file such as documents, videos, audio, email files, Outlook data files, etc., irrespective of file extensions. It also allows adding a file type/extension, if by default not added in supported files list of the software.
  • Recovers Data from Corrupted/Raw External Hard Drive: External hard drives may get corrupted or turn RAW if connected to a virus-infected system or for any other reason. You can recover the inaccessible or lost data from a corrupted external HDD by leveraging the “Deep Scan” feature of this free data recovery tool.
  • Recover Data from Lost or Formatted Partition: The software helps in recovering data from a formatted external hard drive. Moreover, it can also recover data from lost partition.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: It’s a DIY software with an easy-to-use interface. It requires only three main steps – Select, Scan, and Recover – to recover your deleted, lost, and inaccessible data.

The free version of Stellar Data Recovery software can recover up to 1 GB of lost, deleted, and inaccessible data from your external hard drive.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files from External hard drive for free by using Stellar Data Recovery Software

To start the free recovery of data, download the free software.

  • Connect the external drive to a Windows system
  • Install the software on your Windows system, and launch it

  • From the main interface, choose the type of file you want to recover

  • Select your external hard drive and click Scan

free data recovery scan

  • If you don’t see the lost files after the scan, click Deep Scan to scan the external hard drive thoroughly.

Scanning the drive with a Deep Scan function triggers file-signature based scanning. This proves to be helpful in case of data lost due to severe corruption of drive or other complex data loss situations. 

  • Choose the files you want to save, and click Recover

free recovery software

  • Browse a location, other than your affected external hard drive, to save the recovered files

This recovers and saves your lost files by using Stellar Data Recovery Software for free.

Tips to Prevent Data Loss from External Hard Drive

  • Make sure that you don’t connect the hard drive to an infected PC
  • Label the files and folders so that chances of accidental deletion are reduced
  • Always “Safely Remove” the hard drive whenever required
  • Handle the drive safely, and prevent it from jerks and falls
  • Prevent the drive from heat, dust, and moisture


External hard drives are portable storage devices, which are used to store files and other data. The portability factor provides the ease of sharing and transferring files, from one system to another. But this also makes the external drives vulnerable to corruption due to which you may lose access to the data stored on it. Apart from this, you may also lose data from your external HDD due to accidental deletion or formatting.

If you’ve lost files from your external hard drive and want to recover them for free, use the free version of Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows. It securely and effectively recovers all types of files from external hard drives, of all makes and models.

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