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Summary: If you have accidentally deleted important files saved on your USB device, this blog will help you to recover your lost data for free. You can recover deleted data from a USB with the help of one of the most trusted data recovery software – Stellar Free Data Recovery software.

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USB drives are not only used to store documents, photos, videos, etc., but they are also useful in transferring data from one system to another. It is important to keep a backup of the USB data, either on a PC or on another USB device. If you don’t create a backup, you will lose your data if something happens to your USB.

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Scenarios that may lead to USB Data Loss

Some common scenarios in which you may lose data from USB drives are:

    1. Virus attacks, computer crashes, etc.
    2. Accidentally deleting the USB data.
    3. Unsafe ejection of a USB device from the PC.
    4. Incomplete download and transfer of files from USB drives.
    5. Formatting of the USB drive.

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Stellar Free Windows Data Recovery

Common USB Errors and How to Fix Them?

Error 1: USB Device Not Recognized

You may encounter this error, while connecting the USB to the system, due to several reasons, such as a corrupt or unstable USB driver, missing important updates in Windows, corrupt USB controllers, etc.


Solution: The ‘USB Drive Not Recognized’ error can be fixed by reinstalling the USB drivers, fixing USB Root Hub, installing the latest Windows updates, and disabling USB Selective suspend settings.

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Error 2: USB Device Not Formatted

While connecting the USB device to your Windows PC, you may get the error message, “USB drive not formatted”. The error may occur due to a damaged or unrecognized file system. It prompts you to format your drive to access it.


Solution: If you’re facing the error message: “You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?”, don’t click the ‘Format disk’ button. Recover your data with a free USB data recovery software and then proceed further. However, if you already have a backup, you may format your drive.

Error 3: USB Drive is Not Accessible

The error “USB drive is not accessible” may occur due to an unrecognized file system. When you connect any storage media to the system, it loads the storage device’s drivers and fetches the data by reading their file system. If the file system is damaged, the storage device becomes inaccessible. If the drive letter is not assigned to the USB drive, you may not be able to access it.

Solution: You can try to fix the ‘USB drive is not accessible’ error by assigning the drive letter to the drive. To do so, connect your USB drive to the system and change the drive letter of the USB drive. If it is physically damaged or if there is any other issue due to which you are not able to access your drive, you may contact the manufacturer.

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How can I Recover Deleted Files from my USB for Free?

If there is no backup of your USB data, then the only way to retrieve the data is by using free USB data recovery software. Stellar Free Data Recovery Software is one of the best free software available in the market. Additionally, with Stellar Free Data Recovery software, you can save up to 1 GB of data for free. This DIY tool can also recover data from hard drives for free.

Key Features of the Software:

  1. Supports more than 300 file types, including documents, PPTs, PDFs, etc. Also allows adding a file type if it is not in the list.
  2. Provides a preview of the recovered files before saving.
  3. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  4. This DIY software from Stellar can also recover permanently deleted files in Windows 7 for free.
  5. Deep scan function to comprehensively scan hidden/lost/deleted files.
  6. Supports multiple media devices, including USB devices, memory cards, hard drives, etc.
  7. Recover deleted files lost due to any logical data loss situation.

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Steps to recover deleted data using Stellar Free Data Recovery Software:

To use the software, you need to download it on your PC, attach your USB to the PC and then run the software on your USB device. Below are the detailed steps.

  • Download and launch Stellar Free Data Recovery software. Connect the USB drive to the system.

Stellar Windows Free Download

  • From the interface, select the type of data you want to recover and click Next.

1. Image 1: Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Windows interface

  • Select the location from where you want to recover the data. In this case, select the USB device.

2. Image 2: Select the USB device from the Connected drives section.

  • Click on Scan. A screen showing the scanning process will be displayed.

3. Image 3: Scan in progress

  • After scanning is complete, the software lists all the recoverable files. You can preview the files.

4. Image 4: Preview the scanning files

  • Select the files you want to recover and click
  • Select the destination where you would like to save the recovered data. And click Start Saving.
    Note: Please mention a destination different from the source.


                  Image 5: Selecting Recover destination

  • The files will be saved at the selected destination.

Watch the video on “How to recover deleted files for Windows?” with the help of  free data recovery software

Note: This free USB data recovery software can recover free data up to 1 GB. However, if you wish to do unlimited data recovery then in that case you need to get the activation key of stellar data recovery for Windows, You can upgrade the free demo version to paid version, or else you can buy the key from the buy now button available on the software.

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Additional Tip: How to Protect your Data?

It is a relief that deleted data can be recovered. But it is always advisable to take precautionary measures to protect data from any harm in the first place. Here are some useful tips that can help you to protect your data:

  1. Always keep a backup of your data: It is the most important rule for safeguarding data.
  2. Get a good antivirus: To protect your computer and other storage media from virus or malware attacks, it is pertinent to invest in good antivirus software.
  3. Properly shut down your computer: After completing all your tasks, properly turn off your computer. It also adds longevity to your device.
  4. Avoid exposure of devices to liquid: Any liquid spilled onto your device can lead to permanent data loss.

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To recover lost/deleted USB data for free, you can use data recovery software like Stellar Free Data Recovery Software. The software is easy to use and works in all logical data loss scenarios. To avoid data loss, it is always suggested to keep a backup of your valuable data.

How can I recover my USB files for free?

Download stellar free data recovery software and connect the drive to your system, laptop, etc. The free software allows up to 1 GB of Data Recovery Free recovery. Those who were to evaluate the software for free USB recovery can opt for the free software. In case, the data recovery is more than 1 GB of data, we offer 1 monthly license for our customers.  Customers can buy as per their data recovery requirements, no automatic renewal is done.

How to recover deleted files from USB drive?

The best method is to opt for professional data recovery software, to recover deleted files from the USB drive. A few DIY tricks can also help to restore deleted files

  1. Restore Lost Files from the USB Drive with the help of the command prompt
  2. Restore the Previous Version of the USB Drive
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