Seagate Hard Disk Data Recovery – ST1000LM035 SATA Laptop Drive

Summary: This case study is about how Stellar Data Recovery helped get back important Python files from a Seagate ST1000LM035 Hard Drive. The Stellar team faced a tough situation. Our technicians needed to find lost data on a Seagate ST1000LM035 Hard Drive that used two different operating systems. With perseverance, advanced recovery tactics, and proprietary recovery technology, they recovered the Python files. Stellar Data Recovery Service comes with a NO Recovery – No Charge promise. So, you, as the customer, can be 100% sure that you will either get your lost data back or pay nothing. 

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Table of Contents

  1. What Happened? The Problem Discovery
  2. The Diagnosis: First Set of Actions Performed by the Stellar Team 
  3. Seagate Hard Disk Data Recovery: Detailed Steps 
  4. Data Loss Prevention Tips for Seagate HDD
  5. Client Testimonial
  6. FAQs

Device Information

  • Device Type: Laptop Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Manufacturer: Seagate
  • Model: ST1000LM035
  • Known Issues: Seagate hard disk drives (HDDs) can be susceptible to both physical damage (head crashes, drops) and logical failures (file corruption, accidental deletion).

Seagate Hard disk


For the client, the loss of Python files from the Linux partition of the laptop HDD came as a shock. One moment, everything was alright, and the next moment, they couldn’t access vital data on their Seagate ST1000LM035 Hard Drive.

Given the nature of the data – software source files – the impact was significant. The data loss caused ongoing software development projects to grind to a halt. This led to the loss of valuable work hours and missed deadlines. For the client, Seagate hard disk data recovery was urgent and important. 

What Happened? The Problem Discovery

  • The client noticed the problem while working on the Linux OS; a malfunction led to the sudden disappearance of Python software files from the desktop folder. Initially, the client sought Seagate hard disk data recovery services from third-party vendors without success. Data recovery from Seagate HDDs can be complicated because different models have different internal designs, and not all lab technicians can evaluate all Seagate HDDs. 
  • When amateur lab technicians look at a drive like the Seagate ST1000LM035 Hard Disk, they know that data recovery will be difficult because it’s not easy to source internal donor parts, which can be vital to the cloning and recovery processes (these are processes where Stellar technicians create a replica of your HDD and then attempt recovery on it).

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The Diagnosis: First Set of Actions Performed by the Stellar Team 

The diagnosis phase in this case study of Seagate hard disk data recovery was complicated because the lost files were not found in the desktop folder where the client said they’d existed before being lost. 

  • Stellar technicians began the Seagate hard drive data recovery service process from the ST1000LM035 hard drive by carefully analyzing the hard disk. 
  • They identified two distinct partitions containing Windows and Linux operating systems. 
  • The crucial data loss was pinpointed to the Linux partition.
  • The team gathered essential details from the client to better understand the nature of the lost Python project, the circumstances of the loss, and the Linux environment it was created in.
  • Performing an initial scan of the Linux partition, Stellar technicians located the relevant folder; however, it appeared empty. This highlighted the need for more in-depth data recovery techniques for the Seagate hard drive.

Seagate Hard Disk Data Recovery: Detailed Steps 

The Seagate hard drive data recovery process unfolded in four stages:

  1. Deep Scan: To recover data from the Seagate hard drive, the team initiated a more comprehensive deep scan of the Linux partition. This aimed to uncover potential file structures that were not found in the initial scan.
  2. File Identification: The deep scan successfully identified potential Python source code files (.py extensions). This was a promising step in the Seagate hard disk data recovery process for this ST1000LM035 hard drive.
  3. Signature Verification: To ensure the integrity of the recovered files, Stellar technicians meticulously verified file signatures. This step is crucial to successful data recovery from laptop HDDs.
  4. Client Verification: Understanding the critical nature of the data, Stellar invited the client to validate the recovered files. The client loaded the files into a working Python development environment to confirm their functionality. This was the final, most important step in confirming successful data recovery from the Seagate hard drive.

Data Loss Prevention Tips for Seagate HDD

While Seagate hard disk data recovery is often possible, prevention is always preferable. Here are some tips to minimize the risk of data loss on your Seagate ST1000LM035 hard drive or similar laptop HDDs:

  • Regular Backups: Implement a robust backup strategy that includes both local (external drive) and cloud-based storage solutions. Backing up crucial data like Python source code regularly is vital.
  • Antivirus/Malware Protection: Install reputable security software for protection against viruses and malware, which can cause file corruption and lead to data loss.
  • Handle with Care: Laptop HDDs are susceptible to physical damage. Minimize shocks, drops, and extreme temperatures that could harm the storage device.
  • Monitor Drive Health: Utilize S.M.A.R.T. monitoring tools (often built into hard drives) to check for early signs of potential failure and replace the drive proactively if necessary.

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Client Testimonial

Arun Kumar – Delhi 

I was devastated when I lost my important Python project files on my Seagate hard drive. Other vendors couldn’t help, but Steller’s team was amazing. They recovered my code quickly and professionally. I highly recommend Stellar for Seagate HDD data recovery!

Lost Important Data on Your Seagate Hard Drive? Stellar can help!

At Stellar Data Recovery, we understand the urgency and importance of recovering lost files. Don’t risk further data loss. Here’s why you should choose Stellar:

  • No Recovery, No Charge: Our transparent policy ensures you only pay if we successfully recover your data.
  • India-Wide Labs: With 14 data recovery labs conveniently located across major cities, we offer accessible Seagate HDD data recovery services wherever you are.
  • Free Consultation: Get started with a free phone consultation to discuss your unique data loss situation and receive expert guidance.
  • Industry-Leading Expertise: We boast India’s largest Class 100 clean room and a remarkable 80% success rate for data recovery from Seagate hard drives.

Contact Stellar today to start your data recovery journey. Trust the experts for reliable and professional Seagate HDD data recovery solutions.

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Data Recovery from Seagate HDD: FAQs

1. Can lost Python source code (.py files) be recovered from a Seagate ST1000LM035 hard drive?
  • Yes, specialized data recovery techniques can often retrieve deleted or corrupted Python files from Seagate hard drives.
2. My Seagate laptop HDD (Linux partition) failed. Can Stellar help?
  • Yes, Stellar specializes in data recovery from Seagate laptop HDDs, including data loss on Linux partitions.
3. What’s the process for recovering data from a failed Seagate hard drive?
  • The process typically involves analysis, deep scanning, file identification, and client verification, as outlined in our case study.
4. I tried other vendors for Seagate hard disk data recovery without success. Can you still help?
  • Yes, Stellar possesses the experience and resources to address complex data loss scenarios on Seagate HDDs, even when others are unsuccessful.
5. Can Stellar recover data from a Seagate external hard drive?
  • Yes, we specialize in Seagate HDD data recovery, including both internal laptop drives and external hard drives.
6. Does Seagate provide its own data recovery software? 
7. How much does data recovery from a Seagate hard drive typically cost?
  • Data recovery costs vary depending on the complexity of the case. Stellar offers a free evaluation and a no-recovery, no-charge policy.
8. Can data be recovered from a physically damaged hard drive?
9. What is the success rate for Seagate HDD data recovery?
  • Success rates depend on the cause of the data loss. Stellar boasts a high success rate in recovering data from Seagate hard drives.
10. Why choose Stellar for data recovery services?
  • Stellar offers expertise, a nationwide presence, transparent pricing, and advanced data recovery technology for both individuals and businesses.

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