How to protect your data in Monsoon Season?

Every Monsoon, Stellar Data Recovery Engineers observe the same pattern of data loss issues : data loss due to power outages, humidity, moisture and so on. Its been 18 years we are serving data recovery services to all over India. But, In every monsoon season we observe same data loss situations.

There are some simple steps that can help you to protect your data from data loss, specially in Monsoon/Rainy season.

  1. Back up your data, It is recommended to take regular back up. As Monsoon season, is bound to cause power outages and become a reason of data loss. Its better to use power outage protector along with maintaining data backup.
  2. Try to keep your system away from humid place. As humid climate can increase the risk of data loss by increase the chances of corrosion.
  3. Use proper Uninterrupted Power supply(UPS), so that your system keeps on running during power outages. As in Monsoon season, Power fluctuations are highly observed.
  4. Try to avoid keeping your system at low lying area, It is better to place your system at proper ventilated place. So it will not confront with corrosion effect due to humidity.

Certain times, even after taking proper precautions and measures users confront with data loss situation. Taking proper precautions can help you to reduce the chances of data loss. But in severe cases these precautions can not help you to protect your data. Some below mentioned steps can explain your how to respond if confront with data loss situation:

  1. Do not try to recover data by yourself. Because it is possible to recover the data till the time it is not overwritten. Certain times, people open the storage media to analyze the fault. One wrong step can ruin all the chances of data recovery.
  2. Properly handle the damaged or effected media, Do not shake it or clean it with anything.
  3. If storage media is effected by water, don’t try to dry it by exposing it to heat. It is not going to help you anyway.
  4. Consult to data recover experts, data recovery experts will provide you proper consultation and suggest you available options. So that you can choose for the best.

Data Recovery Services experts, properly analyze the storage media. And then carry out whole recovery process in controlled environment of Class 100 Clean Room.

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