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Mac Data Recovery Solutions

Lost Data from your Mac OS X or Apple Computer? You can recover Lost and Deleted Data from MacBook and Mac OS X & mac OS devices using stellar data recovery solutions.

Mac Data Recovery Service

Professional Data Recovery service for premium computers. Recovering Data from premium computers like MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac devices requires special skills and best technology. You need to contact a professional Data Recovery like Stellar to recover your important data.

We specialize in Recovering Data from:

  • Lost data from Mac hardware failure
  • Lost data because of hard drive reformatting
  • Mac OS X volume errors
  • Mac OS X Operating system failure
  • External Mac hard drive
  • Graphic file recovery - All kind of data including Photos, Address book, Movies, Music, Database files etc
Mac Data Recovery Service

Mac Data Recovery Service Cost

Mac data recovery service cost can be estimated only after proper analysis of Mac hard drive. The recovery cost depends upon following key parameters:

  • Mac condition – working or not?
  • What type of damage your Mac has suffered?

You need to submit your Mac drive in our data recovery center for analysis. After complete analysis, we can confirm following:

  • Mac Data Recovery possibility
  • Time estimate to recover Mac data
  • Exact Mac Recovery cost
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DIY Mac Data Recovery Software

The simple yet powerful recovery process brings back all lost photos, documents and emails quickly and easily from Mac internal and external storage devices. The Stellar Data Recovery Professional software provides an overall umbrella of protection and is safe and secure to use. You only have to download the software, select the files, scan the device, and recover your data.

DIY Mac Data Recovery
Mac Data Recovery Software

Mac Data Recovery Software Cost

Data loss is a stressful situation and Mac Data Recovery - Professional helps you to overcome it. Whatever may be the reason, the software recovers your data from MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, SSD, USB drives, etc. The software also recovers data from lost partitions, Time Machine backups, and corrupt Boot Camp partitions. Mac data recovery software is compatible with MacOS High Sierra 10.13. You can buy standard version of software.

Free Download Learn More

* Download the trial version to scan & preview all the lost files & folders.

Tips to Increase the Success Rate of Mac Data Recovery
Power Surge

Power Surge

Your Mac can fail due to power surges. If this happens, it is recommended to contact Stellar Data Recovery services to avoid further damage to your device.

Damaged Laptop

Damaged MacBook

If your iMac or MacBook suffers physical damage, tampering with it can cause permanent data loss. Safely keep your Mac aside and contact expert services for immediate help.

Formatted Data

Formatted Data

Trying to recover formatted data through unauthorized services and software can delete your data forever. Always prefer authorized software or service for data recovery.

Corrupted Data

Corrupted Data

In case of data loss, don’t download any unauthorized software as it can severely harm your Mac. Instead, use Stellar Mac Data Recovery Pro for secure recovery.


How to avoid data loss in MacBook?
  • Always use Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your Mac Desktop.
  • Always Troubleshoot problems when they occur.
  • Do not install Mac Operating System Updates on a malfunctioning Desktop/Laptop.
  • Always avoid installing any third party software.
  • Always eject external storage devices after disconnecting them or turning them off.
  • Always perform a regular maintenance required for Mac OS.
  • Regularly create a backup of your important data.
  • Always keep your anti-virus software updated.
  • Run a regular virus scan to check for any potential malware or spyware.
What are the symptoms of mac hard drive failure?

As soon as the hard drive starts to fails, it gives out signals or warnings to get hard drive replaced or to take data backup. Physical damage to the device or logical corruption to the operating system can also be a cause of hard drive failure. We have listed few points below

  • Mac Machine won't boot
  • Clicking sound from the device
  • Damaged Electronic controller card
  • Fire/ electric spark damage
  • Corrupt file system due to virus attack
  • Accidental deletion of files/directories
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions
  • Deleted Partitions/ Missing Partitions
  • Application errors
  • Device firmware has become corrupt
  • Components failure in Hard disk drive
  • Fire or water damage
  • Inaccessible drives / partitions
Apple products- mac books etc. Have automatic back up, why to go for data recovery?

Mac OS X has been providing in built Time Machine functionality that restores the data. This has been the best Mac OS X feature and it keeps the data secure in case of hard drive failure or other anomalies. This functionality protects the user against system crash, but at times the backup are often not enough and small error can cause data loss.

What if this Functionality fails and the backup is gone forever? Mac OS X failure, software failure or wrong operations on the OS can lead to this failure. Hence, it's always advisable to take back up.

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Arjun singh

5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 January 10, 2020 Best data recovery service.
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Ch. Sloka

5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 January 02, 2020 I am fully satisfied with the Stellar service. They recovered all my needed data in our DVR HDD and the staffs coordinating with the customer is excellent
Stellar Customer


5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 January 02, 2020 Very Very Excellent Services. Finally, Got Data Recovered from Stellar Data Recovery when Other Expert failed. Got Secured Data Back.
Stellar Customer

Anupama Reddy

5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 January 02, 2020 Heartfelt thanks to the team of Stellar. The approach towards the customer is really excellent.
Stellar Customer

Apoorva Sandeboina

5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 January 02, 2020 The data was recovered fast and fully. They were professional in their approach and followed a set and transparent process. Trusted place to go for data recovery issues.