How Stellar Photo Recovery Software Came to Rescue for #10Year Challenge?

#10YearChallenge- My life turned upside down when I realized that I could no longer find photographs in my laptop from 10 years ago…
It all started back in January 2019 when everyone on social media was engaged in participating in #10YearChallenge meme. For those who do not know, it is a collage of two images – the latest photo in comparison with one from 10 years ago. Just like everyone, I thought of sharing my bit in the trend and decided on finding the exact picture from years back. The transition was big.
Hence, I was looking for a specific image that I had in mind. Guess what, to my disappointment, I realized to have permanently deleted the entire folder a day beforeIt was an accidental deletion. I didn’t know what to do. #10YearChallenge was second in my list now, recovering my photos being first. Like others, I started searching ‘ways to recover lost images from a laptop’ on the web. I came across Stellar Photo Recovery software. Initially, I thought it to be like any other software, that might or might not work. But it amazed me as it turned out to be a software that allowed recovery as well as a preview of recovered data before the purchase of license/key.

How Stellar Photo Recovery Software Changed my Fate?

I had lost all hope in recovering my images again, but not only did I see those accidentally deleted files. But I also recovered them with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery Software. Here’s what I did:  As suggested on a website, I  installed the trial version of the software on another drive.
  • I ran the software, selected photos in custom, picked the location of the folder, and clicked on the scan.
  • Once the scan was complete, I could see some of the files in the software. But I anyway turned to Deep Scan to make sure that nothing was left unrecovered.
    Soon, I could see filter list view – File type/Tree view/Deleted list and recover.
  • I did not believe that software can recover deleted images. Hence, I clicked on recover.
  • The link redirected to the product’s website, where it guided me on how to purchase an activation key of photo recovery to recover lost photos.
  • As my memories were significant to me, I proceeded with the purchase of the stellar photo recovery software. 
I recovered lost pictures – all memories that I had previously collated in a folder for the last ten years…The software made my #10YearChallenge successful, apart from helping me regain access to precious memories

Features of Stellar Photo Recovery Software

During my search on photo recovery software, I realized this software having recovered the following image types:
  • RAW camera
  • Raster and vector
  • Files with original date & timestamp
  • Photos from corrupt drives with bad sectors
  • Large storage devices over 4 TB

Watch Video to know more

Not that Stellar saved me from permanently losing those images, but also allowed me to participate in #10YearChallenge. As I was able to recover all my photos via photo recovery software. I explored a bit more about Stellar Data Recovery.  I came across premium and professional versions of the software made for enterprise-level recovery. It not only helps recover lost photos but also repairs corrupt ones. Of course, the photos from a damaged device can only be recovered by availing expert services.
Stellar has a strong portfolio of in-house developed recovery and repair software.  They provide data recovery services for data loss occurring due to physical damage, corruption, and even natural disasters.  They have a Class 100 cleanroom – a laboratory with less than 100 dust particles of size 0.5 microns. Where a team of more than 100 R&D experts develops technologies to recover the lost data on critical cases.
“Stellar Photo Recovery Software was a savior for my #10YearChallenge, The software has an easy interface and gave the results as desired.  This Photo Recovery Software is excellent recovery software.  I recommend it highly to all users who are looking for deleted photo recovery from SD card/ Memory card”. 

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