How To Fix Memory Card Cannot Be Used Error?

Most of us use memory cards of different types and capacities with our cameras to store captured pictures and recorded videos. Your photos and videos could be art or just memories that you’d never want to lose. If you have already lost access to your memory card, and your camera displays an error “Memory card cannot be used”, this blog is worth reading as it talks about the reasons for this error, the fixes, and the precautions to prevent this from happening in the future.


Why Do You Get The Error “Memory Card Cannot Be Used”?

The memory card of your Nikon camera or any other make and model may become unreadable due to several reasons and throw the errorMemory card cannot be used”. Some of the common reasons are:

  1. Memory card is full of data
  2. Manufacturing incompatibilities between card and device
  3. Memory card inserted incorrectly
  4. Unsafe ejection of memory card from the device
  5. Ejection of the card while keeping the files open on the device or transferring data
  6. Corruption due to the virus, damaged card readers, bad sectors, and any other reason
  7. Unsupported file system
  8. Physical damage
  9. Wear and tear caused due to long-term usage

How To Fix The Memory Card Can Not Be Used Error?

There could be two aspects when it comes to finding a solution to this error. One, you just want to fix this error. And the other, you want to fix the error and also get access to the data stored on your memory card. Trying to fix the error on your own involves the risk of data loss. Hence, you should always consider looking for professional data recovery services in the first place.

If you still want to give it a try on your own, check out the following solutions to the error “Memory card cannot be used”. The fixes that we have discussed here are specific to this error on the camera. There are other “so-called” solutions — use of CHKDSK command to repair memory card, formatting the card on a computer, etc.  you may find on the internet which is not error-specific and may worsen the situation. The following solutions, on the other hand, may also be helpful in fixing the other errors or issues with your memory card. Let’s try the solutions given below:

Solution#1: Insert the card correctly and properly

Remove the card safely from your camera and insert it once again properly, ensuring the correct orientation. This may prove to be a very easy fix to the error.

Solution#2: Vacate some space

The devices like Nikon camera may display the error “This Memory Card Cannot Be Used” when the memory card runs low on memory. Connect your memory card to a PC and back up your files if it allows you to do so without any errors. You can now delete your files to vacate and free up some space on your memory card.

Solutio#3: Format the card by using your camera

[Caution]: Formatting the memory card deletes all your data stored on it. So,  first back up the memory card, if possible.

Format your memory card which may fix the error being displayed on your Nikon or any other camera. And use the camera (not the computer) for formatting to prevent file system corruption.

Solution#4: Get the help of data care experts

Since the error is one but the root causes could be many, the solutions given above may not always work.  A damaged memory card is one such root cause of the error which can’t be fixed by using the above solutions. If none of the above solutions worked for you, get the help of Professional Data Recovery Services. These services prove to be the best while trying to resolve such issues without affecting your data.

Case Study: Data Recovered from Corrupted Memory Card

Name of the client: Individual Client

City of Clients: Mumbai

Goal: Recover Data from Corrupted Memory Card

Stellar Data Recovery Approach: The Data from the client’s corrupted Memory Card was recovered with Stellar Data Recovery – Mumbai support.

Challenges faced by Client:

The customer was experiencing problems since his Nikon Memory Card became corrupted. His memory card is a Nikon MC-XQ64 GB. Additionally, he could not locate his crucial personal information that was stored on the Memory Card.

The Method Used by Stellar Data Recovery to Save the Day:

  1. According to Stellar Data Recovery’s preliminary analysis, the Memory Card’s Bios detecting problem exists. There was no data found on the Memory Card.
  2. Stellar’s study showed that the internal structure of the Memory Card was corrupted and that it was not accessible.
  3. Stellar Data Recovery then used software to scan the card and was successful in recovering all of the data.

Client feedback on our Services:

Our services for data recovery were well received by the client. Moreover, the client was very satisfied with our data recovery process. Our great quality and first-rate services made this possible.

How To Prevent Memory Card Errors On Camera?

It’s a must for you to keep the below-mentioned points on your fingertips to maintain the health of your memory card and avoid errors like “Memory card cannot be used” popping up on your camera.

  1. Use USB to transfer your files instead of ejecting the memory card from one device and inserting it into the other.
  2. Don’t remove the memory card while in use and while turning the camera “ON” or “OFF”.
  3. Don’t use the camera when the battery is low.
  4. Stop using the camera when the memory card is very low on available space.
  5. Use memory cards manufactured by reputed manufacturers.
  6. Safeguard your memory card against physical damage.
  7. Avoid or stop using the memory card which has become sluggish or has been in use for long.

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The error “Memory card cannot be used” appears because of issues with the memory card. This blog mentioned the common reasons for this error on your camera. We also discussed the solutions that you can try on your own. As fixing this error could be easy at times but not always. Therefore, we talked about the importance of data recovery services in fixing this error without putting your data at risk.

It’s better to take precautions to avoid such an error and go for the best data recovery service provider for an effortless and risk-free data recovery solution.

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