Guide For Step To Step AVCCAM SD Card File Recovery

“Last weekend, I went on an outdoor trip with my kids. I came back home and wanted to screencast the 4K video from my laptop to the living room tv. The SD card is unresponsive. Please help.”

Familiar problem?

Camcorders have become commonplace in our backpacks. Videos are an excellent way to preserve precious memories. You reach home after a long trip, retrieve the AVCCAM SD Card and find the laptop reads nothing. Do not worry since it can happen to anyone. We provide you a Guide For AVCCAM SD Card File Recovery.

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What Causes AVCCAM SD Card Data Deletion?

Sony and Panasonic camcorders use AVCCAM specifications for storage. AVC stands for Advanced Video Coding and CAM is short for a camcorder. AVCCAM uses H.264 and Dolby AC-3 in a MPEG container.

To store the data, camcorders use SD cards, or rather, the larger variants SDHC and SDXC.

There are many reasons why an AVCCAM SD Card might not show a file.

The reason may be logical data loss:

  • Accidental deletion of a file or folder is quite common. A camcorder has a small screen. It is possible while manipulating files, you deleted them.
  • Accidental formatting is another possibility. The laptop asked if you wanted to format and you accidentally clicked OK. This is very common when transporting cards between operating systems (plugging it into a device from Android OS and then a device from Windows OS).
  • Malware might cause the file to become invisible and unreadable.

In all the above cases, the data is there. The storage blocks have not been overwritten with new data. The file table has become corrupted and the device no longer knows where to find the data on the AVCCAM SD Card.

The reason may be physical data loss:

  • The storage card is corrupted, and there are bad blocks.
  • The AVCCAM SD Card has been subjected to a high temperature or moisture incursion.

In these cases, the data may or may not be present on AVCCAM SD Card.

Is Data Really Deleted From AVCCAM SD Card? 

The entire storage area of an AVCCAM SD Card is divided into a number of blocks. These vary between 4 and 12 MB in size. Each data file (say a video recording) has a record in the file table which is like a hotel register. The file table (the hotel register) is lost. That does not mean the guest has moved out. It is possible to reconstruct the entire video file provided the old data (a string of 0s and 1s) has not been overwritten with new data (another video file). There is a caveat. If the data loss is physical the blocks might have been (actually) destroyed.

How To Recover Deleted Data From AVCCAM SD Card?

1. Recover Using Stellar Photo Recovery

With the help of Stellar Photo Recovery software, you can get access to image and video files from the AVCCAM SD card.

Whether the cause is accidental deletion, formatting, malware, or bad blocks and sectors, be assured that Stellar Photo Recovery software can perfectly retrieve all your files without any degradation of quality.

Why Choose Stellar Photo Recovery Software?

1. You can recover all types of video and image formats including:


2. Recover videos and images from any source – smart devices, cameras, camcorders, drones, and any storage media –

3. Recover corrupted files quickly through a dual monitor setup. It reduces the time taken to toggle between screens.

4. Offers time-saving Quick Scan and intensive Deep Scan for files that do not reveal on Quick Scan.

5. Stop scanning midway and start again later. No need to wait till Stellar Photo Recovery software completes the run. 

6. Export retrieved data and save it as an ISO file.

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How does Stellar Photo Recovery software work?
  • Download the latest version from our website.

Stellar Windows Free Download

  • Install the software
  • Launch Stellar Photo Recovery software
  • The Wizard UI lets you select the location

Wizard UI

  • Click Scan

Click Scan

  • Preview the media
  • Click Recover to save the retrieved data to an SSD or USB of your choice

click recover

It is easy to operate and works perfectly. If you need help, our experts are waiting for your call 24×6.  The trial version is 100% free and lets you scan and preview the files.  You need to purchase a license to retrieve and save the files.

2. AVCCAM Recovery From Backup

Many users back up data regularly. The backup might be cloud-based (such as Dropbox and Google Drive) or on a local hard disk. A backup is undoubtedly the best way to recover your data in case it is lost from the primary location. With 256 GB pen drives available for less than $30 there is no reason why everyone should not backup data.

3. AVCCAM SD Card Data Recovery Using CHKDSK

CHKDSK is a built-in Windows tool.

Functions of CHKDSK:

  • Create a status report of files on storage media or a partition
  • Fixes logical file system errors.

CHKDSK has two options /f and /r where /f stands for fix and /r for repair (Check the disk and fix/repair).

  • Type “CMD” in the search box and hit Enter
  • Right-click on CMD
  • Select “Run as administrator”
  • Type CHKDSK <drive letter>: /f/r such as CHKDSK E: /f/r
  • In the end, CMD will show a report.

The F and R option takes a long time to complete. An AVCCAM SD Card that has several GB of material, can take many hours. 

Watch How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos with the help of Stellar Data Recovery Software:

AVCCAM  or Panasonic SD Card Recovery FAQs

1. What can I do to avoid AVCCAM SD Card data deletion?

  • You must preserve the card carefully and make sure that it does not operate outside the specified temperature range.
  • Do not remove the card while it is in operation.
  • Make sure it does not get wet. If it does, wipe dry with clean lint-free cotton.

2. What can I do in case of physical damage?

If the AVCCAM SD Card is physically damaged you need to call our in-lab services. We have India’s only Clean Room and trained technicians who can recover the data. Call us and we shall tell you the best way to send the AVCCAM SD Card to our lab.

3. Is Stellar Photo Recovery software trustworthy?

Absolutely it is. Stellar Photo  Recovery is a highly esteemed enterprise with excellent reviews in Tech Radar and other publications. It is trusted by several Fortune 500 companies including Google, Amazon, and Coca-Cola.

4. Does Stellar Photo Recovery software work with cameras?

Yes, Stellar Photo Recovery software works with all makes and models of cameras. It can retrieve company-specific RAW images.

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5. What if the SD card is encrypted?

If the card is encrypted using BitLocker then Stellar Photo Recovery software can extract information from it. You need to provide the password when prompted.

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How to deal with Data Loss from AVCCAM SD Card?

AVCCAM SD Card data deletion is a nagging problem but it happens to many users. Stellar Photo Recovery Software will take care of the problem if the data loss is logical. If the damage to the SD Card is physical then you need our in-lab servicesWhatever the data recovery situation, Stellar Data Recovery has a solution for you. Call us now or send an email.

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