Easiest Ways to Recover Deleted RAW SR2 Files


While moving camera images to my PC, I erased them by accident. These photos are crucial for one of my projects. Is there a way to recover RAW SR2 files without losing data? Many photographers use the RAW format for pictures. It is the most basic and untouched form of image. But, even though RAW SR2 files give amazing photos, it is not easy to process these images.

When you lose these SR2 pictures or erase them by mistake, panic sets in. You can end up losing the photos forever. You may not even have the backup in any form. However, do not worry Stellar Photo recovery is in all solutions to recover deleted SR2 files. Download the free demo version of this efficient and powerful photo recovery software to evaluate the features of the software and to preview recovered files before saving them.

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Also In such a scenario, firstly, don’t tamper with the storage. You could overwrite the data in the process. In this article, we will check out some ways to recover SR2 files. Even after image loss, there are some chances of recovering data.

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Reasons Behind Deleted Photographs

There are various reasons why you can lose images from your camera. Let’s see a few of these:

1. Deletion by mistake

While moving the images to PC, you can delete the photos by mistake. This can also happen if you press Delete All by accident when you are getting rid of unwanted pictures. Many PCs ask to format the memory card when you connect it. If you format the card in the process, your data will be lost.

Note: Formatting the SD card again and again or writing new data to the card can cause lasting damage.

2. Software failure

The software of your camera can fail, which can lead to data loss. This can happen due to a faulty camera or wrong use.

Tip: If your camera images are corrupted, be it Nikon camera, Nanny cams, flip camera, etc prefer only trusted software solutions for camera photo recovery.

3. Virus attack

Your memory card is prone to virus attacks. This is especially true when you connect it to multiple PCs. Once the virus is in your card, it will damage the files. It is advised to not connect your SD card to any PC until it has an anti-virus as it can lead to bad sectors on your SD card and can severely corrupt your data on the SD card.

4. Power failure

If your PC suffers power failure at the time of image transfer, the data will get corrupted. This can also happen due to low battery and abrupt removal of the card.

How to Recover Deleted RAW SR2 Images

Do you want to recover SR2 format photos? One of the easiest ways to recover SR2 format photos is via a software. You simply have to install Stellar Photo Recovery Software. Then, follow the steps below to recover RAW SR2 files.

  • Download and install Stellar Photo Recovery software on your System.
    Stellar Windows Free DownloadFree Mac Download
  • Connect the media device to your PC.
  • Now from the main screen select what to recover i.e. click on Photo, Audio & Video.
  • Then from next window select your affected device from where you want to recover deleted SR2 files. The media device can be any be it SD card, memory card, hard disk, etc.

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  • After selecting the media device, hit scan. Once the scanning is completed a list of all recovered SR2 images will appear.

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  • Preview all recovered SR2 photos and Select the images you would like to recover.
  • Select Recover to successfully save your recovered SR2 Pictures at desired location.

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The software will take only a few minutes to recover deleted Raw SR2 Files. Also make sure to choose different location to save recovered raw SR2 files.

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Tips To Avoid Further Damage

If you keep tampering with your SD card, you can lose your images forever. So, consider these tips to avoid more data loss.

  • Don’t format the card over and over again. You can overwrite the data. This will make SR2 files recovery hard.
  • Don’t stop the PC or remove the card while moving data.
  • Eject the SD card before removing from the PC.
  • Don’t connect the SD card to a PC which does not have an anti-virus.
  • Read the warning messages clearly.

Other DIY Methods to Recover Raw SR2 Files

You can recover SR2 files manually as well. Let’s see how:

1. Recovery from backup

You can access the backup stored on the cloud or the external drive. This is only possible if you have enabled this option and have taken the backup regularly.

Note: If you have lost the backup files stored on your PC, you can recover these files through Stellar Windows Recovery Software.


To recover data from CHKDSK command, Connect your camera’s memory card to the PC and follow these steps:

  • Type cmd in the Search and open it.
  • Type chkdsk D: / f and press Enter.
  • Once the cursor returns, write :Y. Then, hit Enter.
  • Write : D and hit Enter.
  • Write D:\>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* and press Enter.
  • A fresh folder of RAW images will be formed. Copy it to a different location.

What to Do When Software Solutions Don’t Work

When you have tried all the above methods but nothing works, use data recovery services. Contact Stellar Data Recovery for the safe recovery of SR2 format files.

With our Class 100 Clean Rooms and expert services, we ensure quick recovery of data. Although we guarantee 100% data recovery, if the data is not recovered, we follow a ‘No recovery – No charge’ *policy.


Most of the data loss situations are not permanent. But, when you keep trying to recover data via untrusted software, it only gets harder to retrieve the data. Hence, it is advisable to only use trusted software by Stellar Data Recovery software. When you are unable to recover images on your own, contact Stellar Data Recovery services immediately.

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