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About Data Care Pack

Stellar Data Recovery Pack is a complete solution to ensure data safety and security. The first of its kind, facilitates quick and easy recovery of lost data due to any data loss scenarios including logical and physical damage occurring in the hard drives.

When You need Stellar Data Recovery Pack

Stellar Data Recovery Pack is your only support for all the instances of data loss. With the Data Recovery Pack handy, you can get all your data recovered, whether they are deleted due to any logical reason or due to a physical crash of the hard drive your laptop.


The pack includes Remote Data Recovery feature to get back the deleted or data from your laptop. In addition, you can get your data recovered from a physically damaged hard disk at a super-slashed rate at our state-of-the-art CLASS 100 Clean Room Lab.

What do You Get With This Pack?

Pack Inclusions: Data Recovery Service Vouchers

Two vouchers to protect you against various data loss situations :


remote recovery


Logical Recovery

Offers quick and reliable solution to recover lost data through a secured connection while sitting at home.

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In-Lab Recovery

Performs safe and complete data recovery in India's only class 100 clean rooms.

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Why Need Data Recovery Pack

Technology has always played pivotal role in our life. We are heavily dependent on our laptops for business and personal work. It stores everything, important documents, account details, memorable photos, videos, numerous multimedia collections, and many things. You would never dream of losing any single instance of data from your laptop; however, cannot even avoid any unprecedented event of data loss.
It is solely up to your proactive judgment to take the best measure to protect, safeguard, and secure the data against any such loss. Hence, here is Stellar Data Recovery Pack for your wish…

How Stellar Data Recovery Pack Works for You

Stellar Data Recovery Pack comes in two editions, Platinum & Gold.

If your laptop carries a hard drive up to 750 GB, choose any one from the Platinum or Gold variant as an add on service and the validity of the pack starts with purchasing it.

Stellar Data Recovery Pack


The next thing you must do is to register your Data Recovery Pack subscription immediately with Stellar Customer Care Support for our record. With this, you are entitled for one instance of Free logical data recovery (Remote Recovery) and a super-discounted (assured 80%) physical case of data recovery (In-Lab Data Recovery).

Rest, leave your data loss worries with us. We will recover your data 100% successfully.


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