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Sudhanshu is a hands-on leader with extensive experience in IT domain. He has witnessed the tumultuous change in technology starting from magnetic media to optical media and onward to state-of-the-art solid state media. Sudhanshu has been instrumental to promote growth of Indian optical media to the Americas, EUMEA & APAC. He is also responsible for new business development in nano-technology startup. Sudhanshu has unique distinction to charter brand salience for 3 renowned IT brands across India and globally. He evangelizes technologies for Data Recovery and Data Privacy safeguard.


Sudhanshu is a Bachelor in Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and a Masters in International Business from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi. He has undertaken the Senior Management program from Indian Institute Of Management - Calcutta.


Sudhanshu has over 25 years of valuable industry experience. He has taken leadership assignments for both global and domestic businesses with multinational organizations. Sudhanshu believes in charting innovation-led disruptive growth. As a Senior Vice President of Stellar, he has been responsible to steer the company to the next level of growth and accomplishment.


Sudhanshu believes in giving back to both society and nature in every way possible. He treats all with due respect and inspires people to bring out the best in them. Sudhanshu is passionate about reading bestsellers, his favorite topic of interest is level 5 leadership.