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BitRaser - Safe, Secure Certified Data Erasure Software

BitRaser permanently removes data beyond the scope of data recovery from hard drives. It provides detailed audit reports for fulfilling internal and external corporate audit requirements. BitRaser supports 24 international erasure standards including DoD and NIST. It performs high speed bulk data erasure. BitRaser can erase standalone devices and also supports erasure over a network. With BitRaser organizations can meet their statutory compliance obligations.

BitRaser for File


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BitRaser Enterprise

BitRaser Enterprise

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BitRaser for Mobile

BitRaser for Mobile

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BitRaser for File

BitRaser for File

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Professional Services - Certified Data Erasure

It is imperative that before disposing off IT assets or transferring the assets, all the data is completely deleted. Since formatting is not a sure shot way of data erasure, our data sanitization services ensure that the data erased cannot be recovered whatsoever thereby preventing any data leakage.

Data Erasure for Business

( * ) E Waste management is outsourced

BitRaser Certification

STQC Certification

Government of India Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology Standardization Testing and Quality Certification Directorate

“STQC IT service tested the tool " BitRaser V1.2", in respect of its capability to erase the data files in different storage devices. The testing has been carried out with "BitRaser V1.2", using " NIST Clear" algorithm, on different storage devices like SATA, PATA, SCSI hard drives, SSD & USB drives with different file systems like NTFS, FAT (32/64)' Ext3, Ext4.The results show that the erased data could not be recovered with the available data recovery tools used for the testing purpose. This report provides readers with validated evidence about a product's capability as secure data erasing features.”

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NYCE Certification

The National Organization for the Standardization and Certification of Excellence in Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications (NYCE)

Standardization and Certification NYCE, SC (NYCE), hereby grants BitRaser, the Certificate of Conformity to the Standard NMX-I-9126-2-2011 based on the Software Functionality Report. NYCE issues third-party certification to standardize and evaluate the conformity of products, processes and services with national or international standards through a series of transparent, reliable tests. The certification means that BitRaser software is approved & certified in accordance with Mexican standards for development.

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Data Erasure as service

Stellar help businesses in safe eraser of their important data. Top business in India rely upon our trusted & certified solutions for data erasure. You can send your storage media to our nearest labs for secure data eraser. We also provides professional on-site data eraser service under special circumstances. This option is reserved for the business accounts with large number of eraser requirement.

Offsite Service

* 3-5 Business Days

Onsite Service

* 5-7 Business Days

( * ) Time may vary from case to case basis