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Hard Disk Degaussing Service

For Businesses and Individuals

We employ advanced degaussing equipment and techniques to safely destroy every bit of data from hard disks, efficiently and quickly. We have helped companies across various industries, such as healthcare, government, defence, aerospace, manufacturing, education, etc., to permanently eliminate financial or other sensitive data from hard disks

Destroy Hard Disk

Destroy ‘End-of-Life’ HDD

Degauss your ‘End-of-Life’ HDD before disposing it off to safeguard your sensitive and confidential data from leakage. 

Disposing OFF Hard Disk

Disposing-off Damaged Hard Disk

Our hard drive degaussing experts can destroy HDD data even if it’s not working. Just give us a call.

Remove Data Permanently

Remove Data Permanently

Contact degaussing experts to permanently remove data from hard disk, beyond the scope of recovery.

When to Choose

Hard Disk Degaussing Services

Hard disk degaussing is not everyone’s forte. It requires expertise and internationally approved degaussing equipment to effectively remove data from HDD. Therefore, choose an expert in hard disk degaussing service to safely and securely destroy data from hard disk.

HDD degaussing Compliance

Meeting Compliance Requirements

If you trust and prefer HDD degaussing rather than any other method of data destruction, contact a trusted hard disk degaussing expert for assistance.

destroy data from non working hdd

Destroy Data from Non-working HDD

If you’re looking for a solution to destroy data from non-functional HDD, go for a trusted hard disk degaussing service for safe removal HDD data. 

Data Destruction

100% Assurance of Data Destruction

When you want guaranteed removal of HDD data, opt for professional hard disk degaussing service for 100% secure data wiping. 

We Degauss

 HDDs of All Types, Makes, and Models

We remove data from all kinds of devices, irrespective of their type, make, and model. We have an excellent track record of successfully degaussing hard disks used in RAID, NAS, SAN, laptops, desktops, and other devices.


Stellar HDD Degaussing Service

We use world-class equipment to degauss hard disk and destroy all the stored data. We follow stringent data privacy policy and ensure safety and confidentiality of your data. Moreover, we provide certificate of 100% destruction of HDD data, guaranteeing that data destroyed can never be recovered by any means

hard drive degaussing service

World-Class Hard Disk Degaussing Services

  • Degaussing of all types, makes, and models of hard disks
  • Data destruction from RAID, NAS, SAN, and all other servers/storage systems
  • Data destruction by experts
  • Use of internationally approved equipment for degaussing
  • Assurance of data privacy
  • Certificate of ‘data destruction beyond recovery’ is issued
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified organization
Stellar HDD Degaussing Expert

At Your Pace

Our Data Destruction Services

You may have different requirements based on urgency, budget, and convenience. Whether you want to destroy HDD data on urgent basis or want a budget-friendly option, we have customized the options to suit your needs.

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Is hard drive degaussing a reliable data destruction solution?

Yes. HDD data destruction with Stellar Hard Disk Degaussing service is safe and reliable. We guarantee 100% removal of HDD data and provide a ‘certificate of data destruction’ after degaussing your HDD.

Do I get a data destruction certificate after hard drive degaussing?

Yes. Stellar gives you a “certificate of data destruction” which ensures that all the data on HDD has been completely destroyed and cannot be recovered by any means. You can also use this certificate for meeting any compliance requirements.    

Can I use a hard drive after degaussing?

A degaussed hard drive cannot be used. This happens because it demagnetizes the hard disk’s magnetic coating which is responsible for storing data.

How does degaussing destroy the data on magnetic hard disks?

During degaussing, magnetic hard drive is brought in contact with powerful electromagnetic waves. These waves interfere with the magnetic field, existing in the form of data and kills it.

What is the difference between hard drive degaussing and data wiping?

Hard drive degaussing is a physical way of data destruction while the term data wiping is used for data erasure by using a software. Data wiping by software works only when the hard disk is in working condition, while degaussing can be used for functional as well as non-functional HDDs.


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