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Tally is computer software used by individuals, small and medium businesses. It is a complete Accounting, Inventory, Taxation and Payroll solutions and with continuous updates and new features it becomes a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program capable of doing accounting, billing, banking, sales and profit analysis, inventory, reporting and taxation (VAT, TDS, TCS). This is Tally and it can do much more.

Tally data is very important for individuals and organizations alike. All information regarding the business like balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, financial transactions and records are recorded and stored in Tally. Its leading software used for accounting and it offers in build protection to prevent data loss. But in unforeseen circumstances even the best possible protection features in Tally cannot regain the data for the users. This can be happen due to many reasons like power failures, virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown, accidental file deletions, hard drive crashes, media corruption and more. When tally data gets corrupted you receive an error message or notification such as exiting tally, bad sectors, position; 42880, file damaged, size; - 43136 and etc.

Well, you don't need to worry about lost files or corrupted tally data; we at Stellar Data Recovery will help you in recovering the corrupted tally data. Our tally data recovery experts can recover the lost data from any version of tally like tally 4.0, tally 4.5, tally 5.5, tally 7.0, tally 7.2, tally 9.0 etc.

Note: We also provide tally password recovery services for all versions of tally.

Why Tally Data Gets Corrupted?

There are more than obvious reasons for which Tally files get corrupted as any other database files:

  • Power surges
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Physical damage to the media
  • Virus contamination
  • Corrupt backups and application data
  • Disasters like fire, flood

Follow some tips to avoid tally data corruption:

  • Practice to take Tally data backup regularly
  • Avoid using multiple versions of tally
  • Always make one tally folder to save the data
  • Use proper power backup while working on computer
  • Give a backup folder name based on month or day

Each case of data loss in Tally requires adequate data recovery knowledge and expertise. Stellar data recovery engineers work round-the-clock to quickly and flawlessly recover corrupted Tally accounting data. We use specialized hardware and software tools to perform precise Tally file recovery irrespective of the type of damage or corruption.

The highly skilled technological workforce at Stellar has successfully handled complex data recovery conditions to recover Tally data in its original readable format.

Stellar's Systematic Data Recovery Approach

Stellar has a streamlined recovery process to ensure you get the safest and fastest service. We provide free consultation for your problem and help you how to reduce the likelihood of data loss. Once you send the media, it is cloned and recovery is performed on the cloned media.

Speak to us for your Data Recovery requirement. Call your nearest Stellar Data Recovery lab for FREE consultation

Most common Cases, where we'd recovered tally data successfully

  1. I am using Tally.ERP 9 and my tally files gets corrupted, how can I recover them?
  2. My Tally9 data is crashed, it shows a message 'Create New Company' but I didn't delete any company. What should I do?
  3. I see some error message when I open my tally. Error messages are tally exiting, size: 82944, position: 82944, chars: 128. What should I do?
  4. How to Recover Tally Vault password?
  5. One of my tally voucher has been deleted, how can I recover my deleted tally voucher?
  6. I am using multi user Tally.ERP 9, someone deleted companies from my tally data. What should I do?
  7. My tally data has been lost and deleted from Server. What should I do?


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