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BitRaser Solution

BitRaser is a plug and play software that permanently erases data beyond the scope of data recovery. It provides audit reports for fulfilling internal / external corporate audit requirements and compliances. The reports are tamper proof yet customizable. BitRaser supports 27 international erasure standards and performs high-speed erasure of up to 32 hard drives simultaneously. BitRaser helps erase data on standalone devices and multiple hard drives in storage racks. Works on PCs, Laptops, External Storage Media and boots from a secure USB dongle. BitRaser has a provision to add up to 5 customized erasure algorithms. The software helps meet statutory & regulatory compliance needs with tamper free audit trails for data security & privacy – SOX, GLB, HIPAA, ISO27001,EU-GDPR, PCI-DSS.

BitRaser for File

Sanitization for
standalone devices

BitRaser Enterprise

Multiple Hard Drive

BitRaser Enterprise

Multiple Hard Drive Erasure
Over a Network

BitRaser benefits


Need for Professional
Data Erasure

Data that is created by an organization hops through various storage media in different systems before it finally rests at its final destination. This also includes multiple intermediaries who would either temporarily store the information or process it before it moves on. It is responsibility of all the involved parties 'The creator', 'The Intermediary' and 'The final recipient', to handle data responsibly and protect it against unauthorized disclosure.

Data Privacy & Protection

Whether an organization is disposing storage assets by donating to a charity or through a responsible recycler or while returning of leased IT Assets; it has an obligation to ensure that no incident of data breach occurs. The obligations are under various international laws and company policies to demonstrate strict compliance. In an event of data compromise the organization and its officers have to face severe financial penalties and risk imprisonment.

Safe disposal of
IT assests

As data is the organization's most valuable asset, protecting it and keeping it out from falling into wrong hands during the end of it's lifecycle is of paramount importance. There has been a growing appreciation of these challenges in keeping information secure. Today mature organizations treat Information Security as an enterprise and business issue rather than a technical concern.

BitRaser Certification

BitRaser for File

Government of India Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology Standardization Testing
and Quality Certification

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BitRaser Enterprise

The National Organization for the Standardization and Certification of Excellence in Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications (NYCE)

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BitRaser Enterprise

ADISA is an accreditation scheme for companies who provide IT Asset Disposal services and offers product approvals for companies with products which sanitise data.

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