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CLIENT - A professional photography studio


An eminent professional photography studio. It has developed significantly and specializes in contemporary photography sessions


To successfully recover the lost photos and documents


  • Contacted several local vendors for photo recovery that failed
  • Reached out to Stellar Data Recovery for recovering photos from damaged hard disk


  • Successfully recovered all the lost photos and other multimedia files


Stellar has successfully Recovered Lost Photos, Videos and Documents From Damaged Hard Drive (B22776)

An American owned Portrait Studio that offers contemporary portrait photography services through its various branches in the US and India. In runs 15 studios in the US alone.

In India, the company has several centers spread across 5 cities - Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, and Pune. Its services include professional photography for Corporate and Personal functions such as Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family, Wedding, and Matrimony, Glamour, Fashion, Model, and almost all indoor and outdoor events. 

Challenge FACED by the CLIENT

The client used a 3.5-inches 2TB Western Digital desktop hard drive (Model No. - WD20EARX) running Windows operating system to store all its photos and other multimedia files. This ensured that all these data, which were in larger numbers, were kept safe and secure.

While an employee of the studio was working with the photos and other multimedia files on a Windows desktop, there was a short circuit due to which the system got crashed and the hard disk became unreadable. Consequently, the studio lost all the data of one of their valuable clients to whom the multimedia files were to be handed in just a few days.  

This was a grim situation as none of the photos and other multimedia files existed anymore. The client, Mr. Sentil Kumar Pasha, was quite worried because of the outcome that had occurred. He wanted an immediate solution to recover the lost photos and video files, which were to be delivered to their customer.

STEllar came to the rescue

The client took the damaged hard disk that had all the photo and doc files to at least 4 - 5 local vendors one after another for the purpose of photo recovery. However, none of the vendors could recover the lost data. All of them said that the hard disk was severely damaged and so the data recovery process could not be performed. They also tried recovering photos and documents to their best of skill and knowledge yet they failed in their attempts.

One of the local vendors recommended Stellar Data Recovery to Mr. Kumar as the last resort. They further added that Stellar Data Recovery is a reputed name in safe and secure data recovery that ensured complete safety and security. Following their recommendation, the client contacted the Stellar Data Recovery Bengaluru branch and enquired the representative about the data recovery process. He was assured of a complete data recovery irrespective of the severity of the damage.

The representative at the Service Centre explained the complete data recovery process by which Mr. Kumar was considerably convinced. He did not ask any further questions and gave us the approval for hard disk analysis. Following the suggestion from our end, he shipped the affected hard disk which we received the following day. Our skilled professionals then began with the data recovery process i.e. recovering photos from a damaged hard disk.


The experts at our Service Centre examined the hard disk and reported a physical damage. They also came to know about an issue with the PCB. Both these issues were communicated to Mr. Kumar. He was also informed about the way photo recovery process is carried out in such cases when there is a discrepancy in the PCB. We also explained the Class 100 Clean Room and its importance in the data recovery process for the non-detectable hard disk cases.

Mr. Kumar was quite contended with the solution proposed to him and gave the nod to our experts to start with the data recovery as soon as possible. With this, our experts proceeded towards the recovery process.

In the end, they recovered all the lost documents and photo files for the client seamlessly. This was confirmed by our client, Mr. Kumar.  He was thrilled to see all the recovered data from the damaged Windows machine. He remarked that Stellar Data Recovery – Bengaluru Service Centre maintained the studio’s reputation by recovering all the lost data of one of their most esteemed clients.   

Euphoric with the services provided by us, he shared his feedback in the Google review. The feedback that we got was quite motivating. It pushes us to wake up every day and work yet more and better to fulfil our client’s needs!



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